Rescue Journal

Open House Today

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2008

well this place is as organized as i could get it but not as organized as i want. i am happy with the shop, office and mp room for now...but not so much so with the house. i just ran out of days and started cheating and switching to "tidy" vs "organized" but oh freaking well.

chyna has decided, she is a bed dog now too...she did ask permission first which is a nice change from the demanding i am used to.

sooo...on the agenda today for the open house is...

tours, refreshments, raffles, and i think a small silent auction, kids find the answer games, making memory tiles for the garden, and at 1 pm a dog seminar with leila to help anyone who works with shelter dogs to understand them a little bit more.

and of course...there is the animals...princess pigs, spotted cows, tiny demon goats and the biggest goat in the world who also happens to be mr. nosey goat too, upset llama's (carl is having a terrible time which he has brought upon himself because he is being such a freak out over elizabeth...this morning we are going to TRY him back with the sheep....he better be over his unwelcoming attitude or we will separate him again), there are white knights in shining armour (gideon) and bunnies and roosters who live in the office, ducks who want to be mama's and won't get off her nest (edwina!~.).....americats and canadia-cats, and a whole whack of crippled but quite happy dogs.

plus you can meet...many of their human caregivers who are pretty amazing too....and i better get back to work!

hope to see alot of people and for those that can't come like rae...send up good wishes for a very great open house for all of us today!



Well, what a great time we had! The place looks wonderful! And getting to meet all the animals was SO nice - I'd adopt them ALL if only I could. My favourites were Cole and Gwen (don't tell any of the others that, though!). :-D Many thanks for the hospitality and opening your doors so that the world can see the great work you do and meet all those adorable faces! Way to go EVERYONE who had a hand in making today happen!


what a great open house. it was a lot of fun,the animals had a blast and more people know about saints. great weather good food and good people everyone who contributed did a great job it was very well organized. way to go carol

Susan Krautter

Hi Carol,
A big hug from me on this busy day! Thank you for all you are doing for countless animals, not the least of whom are very dear to me!
Ron and I are lookding forward to your event today ... we'll be there with bells on!