Rescue Journal

i had an interesting conversation today with one of my nursing friends who came to the open house

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2008

she asked me if i knew what ley lines were and i had to admit, i didn't. they are grids of positive energy fields that some believe are under all the worlds most holy and mystical places...stonehenge, the great cathedrals...she believes saints might be on top of one of those.

it got me to thinking...what does make a place holy? is it a special geo-physical configuration or does the earth itself soak it up from the living creatures there, day after day, year after year?

when i first bought saints, it was just a lonely, woe-be-gone shadow of what was to be...the positive energy that so many commented on this weekend was not here way back then. i think it has come from the animals, i think it has come from the truly good people who come here to care for them and make them happy. i think it comes from me who so believes in this sanctuary for the ones with no where to go.

i have faced alot of nay sayers who from their perspective of one or two or three or four or ten animal care think that what is here can't be. it doesn't fit with what they know and understand and therefore it can't be real.

and what is really here? this place is not a home, it is a sanctuary for misfits. it is a place where animals come because they bite, because they are sick, because they leak urine all over the place. they are old and crippled and collectively cost about $40,000 a year in vet care. these are the ones that no one wanted, these are the ones with no other place to go, these are the ones that no one had room for or are too much for others to take a chance on.

better dead than at saints? the 200 plus people and the almost 100 animals here on sunday would say resoundingly.... "i don't think so."

i don't think too many people came here and were not moved deep to the base of their field? maybe...but i think more likely it was the utter compassion and respect and commitment that surrounds each and every one of these animals that they felt.

i love this special place. i love the animals that abide here with me. i love our volunteers that take care of and protect us so well.

that is what i feel here at saints....unconditional love, i think it is so big and so all encompassing that the earth is just soaking it up as it overflows from us to them and back again.

who is doing what tonight?

oka is home. by the time he left the clinic, his blood sugars had stabilized at 6. coco-puff is cleared for her surgery, i will let her family know. chyna and beau spent about an hour laying on the couch chewing on each other, they are the very best of friends. spunk is becoming more reliably friendly...i will try him out of the bathroom on the weekend. milo is bouncing too is hard for a lab to have a broken pelvis. i spoke with our llama expert and she thinks carl would be happier and less sheep focused if he had a girl friend. apparently when he chases them down and lays on top of them (which they don't like and is not normal llama/sheep behavior), he is trying to breed them. she said even tho he is neutered, he has probably bred before and it is just wishful/wistful thinking because he can't really do it anymore and he is missing his own kind. so...i am back to thinking about this again cuz i really do want carl to be happy. rusty the rooster is still hanging out in the office. i do not think he will ever be able to re-join the chickens, this is a very sad thing. on saturday i will move the two groups into one and give them back the entire chicken run. sorry rusty, you are our office mascot now for as long as you decide you want to be.
everyone seems fairly well tonight, for this i am thankful.