Rescue Journal is "Ask or Say Anything Day" again.

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2008

i am tired and i don't feel so great and therefore since i am resting today, i won't have too much to talk about (i hope) ask away, whatever (within reason) enquiring minds want to know.

if you don't have a question, maybe there's something you'd like to share (like a story, a thought, or whatever) cuz that would be interesting and i have no intention of even trying to be interesting today.

so come on folks...fork over, be out a sick, tired and haggard crazy rescue lady....fill in the boring gap for saints blog readers. just click on comment and help me out today.

(for those who have not posted under comments before...there will be a gap between posting and having it appear but it is not lost out in cyber space and will soon re-appear)



My dog Nina when she was really sick liked baby food, try the chicken broth kind. I have a few questions for anyone; 1. Trev is starting to lay down a lot on walks. We don't walk far but I can't tell if it is a behavior or not. Sometimes he lies down when I won't go the way he wants but gets up when I start to head that way. Other times he looks tired. Is it too soon to start him on pain meds? Also what can I give him for arthritis? I have glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin 500 mg caps. 2. Do you recommend getting vacs for indoor cats not exposed to other cats? Chloe goes out on the deck once and awhile but is supervised. 3. My mom's cat is still sick. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroid (now controlled) and heart disease. They have been treating him with lasix and just recently a heart med (can't remember what one) He is slightly better but still not eating on his own. We have been sryinge feeding him since July. He has an apt at canada west for a cardiac u/s. Will this give us answers to a possible treatment or is my mom just throwing away her money?. He is about 9 was a stray then became a pet in 2002. He was an outdoor cat but now indoors. He has not been tested for FIV as vet felt not needed.


when honey would stop eating i would try toasted eggos with canned cat food on them, frozen bread eggos or any form of real meat (steak, lamb, chicken etc).


I have a senior(14) dog blue heeler x her name is Chance and she hasn't been feeling well the last few days. She is a finicky eater and doesn't seem that interested in the variety of food I've been trying to tempt her with. She went to the vet today for results yet..I'm worried about her. Does anyone have any great concoction ideas that have worked for them that may make her want to eat.


I just saw the local paper and out of all the animals that the reporter saw at the open house on must have made an extra strong impression because she is the only one with her picture in the paper and I'm sure she will say it is because she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL animal at Saints.......our PRETTY PINK PRINCESS...ELLIE!!


what have i changed my mind about?...hmmmm...i have to think on this...unfair question on a sick day!


Hey Mo!

I am sure the fridge is empty! I was there on the weekend! haha :-)


Every year Edge Magazine asks scientists, humanitarians, and other deep thinkers one question. Here's 2008's question:

" What have you changed your mind about? Why? "

How about you, Carol? Tough one, eh?


Wow Hornblower! I was going to ask the exact same question! My 14ish senior cat was just diagnosed with early kidney disease and has suspected arthritis in his hips. He gets around fine though, jumps on the couch and bed no problem, just looks like an old man, kinda stiff when he walks.

My vet just came back from a conference and has suggested Gabapentin... ever used that Carol??

Chris T

I see that Mo still has her priorities in order. Soon she will be asking about the Baileys!


ahh old cat pain with crappy kidneys....pain control ALWAYS comes first...what is the point in living a few months or a year or two longer if each moment of every day is a painful exercise when having to move around?

ask the vet about prednilasone...a form of prednisone that is more effective in cats than just ordinary pred....a good course of that to get the inflammation and pain under control and then either metacam every day or low dose tramadol or both.

thank you linda that was really nice to read.
yes mo you still have beer but it is not in the fridge,

do the bubbles taste like soap? cuz if they do, chances are it is soap and not fairy kisses....sorry lory, i am such an unromantic realist...i am a fun sucker for sure.


I am looking at my cup of tea and I am wondering "Are those bubbles really fairy kisses like my mother once told me or simply soap residue"? What do you think?


I have a question.

An older cat (mystery age; 3rd hand cat; at least 10 but could be 13 or 14) with early kidney failure (they're shrivelled up but function is still marginally OK) and degenerative disease in the spine - white plaques in several spots on the spine in x-rays. Kitty eating fine but has mobility probs: can't jump, reluctant to walk distances, obviously tender areas on spine. Doc says because of kidney probs, there are no pain meds which can be given.

What say you, oh wise one in the ways of alleviating pain in the elderly kitty?

Linda Griffin

Carol, I am glad you are taking the day to nurture yourself - it is exhausting to read the blog of everything you do!!! Now you are refilling your well of strength and compassion that you so freely share with the furry and feathered ones who need you so badly.

I have rescued a few myself, but in no comparison to your work - its hard to imagine being responsible for so many. Your blog is so interesting and has answered many of my questions re rescue.... I also read the Turtle Gardens blog, again, so uplifting in this world where the majority of people are interested only in themselves and their possessions, and their animals are secondary (I have never understood the attitude of people who abandon their pets - Spunky the cat stands out in my mind)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do. Have a good day of rest, you deserve it. (Although I suspect that that "day of rest" will include all your regular duties.) Take care.