Rescue Journal

i think the education session went very well

Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2008

it was informative and interesting...thank you so much leila and deb for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.

jesse enjoyed herself alot too...she apparently likes hosting human school in her room!

the other dogs weren't too keen that they were not invited and oka had way too many opinions to share so we kicked him out of his bedroom and made him hang outside in his yard so we could hear something besides whatever he was blabbing about.

TG is in the shop tonight...they brought WAY too many freaking cutie-pie dogs...i saw about a dozen that i personally wanted, sigh... too bad they already have homes.

spritely is fine tonight, she is not worried like we are. she is just doing her thing and trying to get me to hurry up with her dinner like she always does.

ellie had a freaking fit at bedtime cuz tunie was slow to get out of her stall...but tonight i was ready and picked up the sheep's full water bucket BEFORE she hucked it at the wall. hah ellie...i do eventually learn.

the water got delivered so i can have a bath tonight, waahoo, life is good at this single particular moment!



It was really great, I am sorry I had to laeve before Deb.... I hope we do it again soon so I can get in on that opart. Leila was fantastic & I learned alot... now I feel like I want to learn more... Just need to find more time.

thanks guys it was really informative & appreciated


It went really well. Thanks Deb, Leila, and Carol. I learned alot from all of you! Thanks. I really liked the pictures as it gave a visual image of the behaviour, plus I am a more visual learner so that helped me. The TG dogs are sooo cute and well behaved. Doing the adoptions from there makes sense, hope it works out.