Rescue Journal

saints welcomes....

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2008

cruz...check out her petfinder page with Mission Animal Control. cruz is not coming to the sanctuary, she is moving directly into permanent foster care with dawn (true's foster mom). thank you dawn for letting zoe adopt cody, and for falling in love with nola and true and losing them both and thank you for helping us get cruz out of a kennel and into a great home where she will be loved.

and...(bad carol) while i was at MAC they just had to wrap up an utterly ancient, old, wrecked, rotten toothed, shivering, big time leaky shitz-poo in a blanket and bring her over to me, so i did the paper work on her too...saints welcomes "phyllis" who will be joining cuddles as my bed buddy....i was going to leave her there til her vet appointment that i booked for next week...but tonight i am sick inside that she is still at the pound and not on my bed. i am going to get her tomorrow if i can get off work before they mean and thoughtless and selfish can i be? poor babe, sorry, i am stupid.

so much for no new dogs...but phyllis is just as much at risk at the pound as she is here and here at least i have a bedroom to keep her separate in until i figure out if we have a virus or if sissy has cardiac trouble and if coco coughs because she has a flail chest and if iky is coughing because she is so old. sissy gets her vet check tomorrow, i am hoping it is a virus tho and not cardiac disease....iky goes next, and coco has already been and they said don't know why she is coughing but some dogs do it for attention...they do?



I am so excited about Cruz. I hope she enjoys her time here with us.



dawn, i am so glad you took cruz. i remember talking to you about the old dog carol said was at the pound when you were visiting with milo. yeah for him and for you. our zoe is adopting our cody? i remember your little girl really liked her a lot. good for cody. everyone have a nice day


MacKenzie and Kirby - The One And Only Purebred North American Brown Dog, were outside with me playing keep-away with their tennis balls. Sorry we missed you, I'm sure the humans,Eeyore and Kiefer were especially happy to see you.Miss Mollie-O'Dollie O'Dog is coughing for some reason other than a devastating illness or medical condition, so everyone is pretty thankful here tonight.


molly looked adorable today....and so did the little ski sweater clio, and tucker looks great too...and keifer made me miss jed, and sienna made me miss carly and piper made me really miss wilbur and eye-or just made me miss everyone here at home...thank god i didn't see mac or mable or that american brown dog...i would have had to run straight home!

Chris T

i sure hope it is not cardiac too! I am so relieved that the pilates princess (AKA Molly) got the all clear today and her cough is not cardiac...these old wrecked ones just grab your heart and don't let go.