Rescue Journal

the vet just left...he said...

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2008

"that horse is a miracle"...her euth for tomorrow is cancelled, the foot is healing, the leg looks better than it has in months...he also said..."i don't know if it is you or her, but whatever it is, it is amazing"

i think that when so many of us are asking for whatever powers to be to help her...someone heard and took a look, saw how beautiful she is, inside and out and decided that this just did not yet have to be.

we all truly love you spritely.

so the shelter will open tomorrow at 9 am as per usual and thank you someone for this!



OHMIGOD...this is MARVELOUS!!! Yes, Saints, there is a Santa Claus! This is making me cry as hard as if it had gone the other way. These types of moments are so damn precious.

Eva Stock

My Gosh!! I drove by in the am to go to football and saw no Spritely and I was bawling all the way to the field. Then I came back from football much later in the day and saw Spritely!! I was so happy I was yelling and scared Colton and his friend and then we were all laughing. So much love from all of us for such a fine horse. We had the best time at dinner and the food was great and Carol cheered up and went home feeling better like I did, Yah Carol and Saints.Eva
Will be there soon.


I'm not surprised. When I was there Thursday taking pictures of Spritely all I could see was a beautiful horse with no ailments, totally enjoying life. Spritely told me it was not her time.