Rescue Journal

how to piss off the animals...

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2008

pissing off people is easy...write a blog. someone somewhere will take offence because they will assume you are talking about them.....not that you can possibly just be talking about an issue, or god forbid someone else....sigh, it is always about us.

pissing off the animals is a challenge, but i managed to seriously piss off both monty and cuddles at 4 am this morning cuz i had to pee. they didn't get mad cuz i disturbed their sleep...heck, i do that several times every night, nothing new there.

but monty is freaking fat and he is not grooming himself so great. so while i was up and he was sleeping i grabbed a comb to get the matts out of his back (a rescuers work is apparently never done.) anyway...i did get those freaking matts out and he is thoroughly choked at me...whatever...i know his back feels better and so does he.

cuddles was an accident...while i was trying to get thru the little gate (to grab the comb i had strategically placed for when the opportunity arose,) AND without my usual posse...i accidently closed the gate on cuddle's face and now he is pissed off at me. i watched him huff off to the couch to sleep while shooting me a dirty look. and i was tired so i let him go figuring he would come back to me...not.

this morning when i got up, he was no where to be seen and then i saw him glance around the corner at me and purposely turn his back and walk away.

wow cuddles..that is the same kind of shit my ex used to do...silent but deadly guilt arrows directly at the heart of you.

whatever....i said i was sorry at the time, and i am, sorry i hurt your feelings, but you were in the wrong place at the wrong time when i was in a hurry to torment monty before he decided to leave.

get over it, the last thing i need is a pissed off poodle glaring at me.