Rescue Journal

it was a good day

Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2008

i actually enjoy puttering around with a mop cleaning up after the little buggers.

we did another dump run just to make sure there is not such a huge load again by the weekend. eva got the shop floor washed and bleached so it smells nice and fresh in there too.

i answered the phone a fair amount so there are not a ton of messages tonight.

IKY has a trial foster home and i will be taking her there tomorrow. this is a friend from years ago who i got to know when her best friend and neighbor died, i took in the dogs (remember my beloved old sophie?) and since then she has wanted to help one of ours back again too. IKY is the one i think needs her most, so lets all hope this works out well.

the barn guys need help to bed...there is a ton of laundry to get thru. i spent $35 at the pet store today buying a large variety of specialty food to tempt spunk and webster....spunk caved at the first $2 tiny can...mmmmm...webster basically said "f" you.

bloody, freaking, stubborn cat.