Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2008

IKY has gone to her new foster home and i hope things work out well for her this time. i do think that carole is the perfect person for her so we will just have to wait to see how IKY does.

ellie is a bit off today..i am thinking her NSAIDS are catching up with her gut. she is eating her apples no problem but is not interested in her actual feed. i think i will hold her quatrisol for a few days and try her with some cobbs cinnamon buns which are her freaking favoritest thing.
i am having trouble switching back onto the well...i think it is not full enough yet but it should be because we have had a fair amount of rain. geez this is a pain in the neck. up and down into the crawl space, over and over again, it plainly just freaking well sucks. i need to get a better trap door on there so it is easier for me to get into when i need to get down there again and i need a better switching on and off system down there cuz the current plastic valve things are just crap. i am going to get someone out here to make it more user friendly...there is absolutely no point in a system that is such a pain in the ass to operate.

mo and i were peering at spritely's hoof today...neither of us are actually sure that we have really dodged that bullet for very long.

i am water, no bath tonight...i will order a delivery for tomorrow which is the best i can do right now.

i will go walk jesse, feed oka and do the pm meds and then i am going to bed to ponder how much freaking non-city water supply systems can really and truly suck.

i am on the early shift tomorrow anyhow.



FYI, Ellie also likes Ceasar salad. Susan and I discovered this last year after we came back to SAINTS from lunch in town. My Ceasar salad from the restaurant was enormous and swimming in dressing, so I thought, I wonder if The Pig would like this? So we took it out to the shed. She was standing there looking at us, trying to figure out if we came bearing anything edible. We approached carefully. I opened the styrofoam container and let her have a whiff. She became completely unhinged. I tried desperately to hang onto the container but she upended it with her snout, then rooted around in the dirt picking up bits of gooey lettuce and croutons and practically inhaling them. Then she made these noises I've never heard before and fell over on her side, almost crushing me against the wall. I think she was in some sort of state of excited delirium. She had completely torn apart the styrofoam container within seconds and Susan and I spent quite a bit of time picking it all out of the dirt.

So, if Ellie's appetite is low, try a little Ceasar salad. Just be very, very careful when you give it to her.