Rescue Journal

we said good bye to three of our saints.

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2008

we took tugs and sparky and raymond out to the memorial garden, we gave them their lunch and so as not to frighten them, we gave them their pre-injections while they were busily engaged.

within seconds it seemed, tugs was asleep, sparky and raymond followed in just a couple of minutes.

all of them passed away peacefully, laying on the cool grass with the sun on their faces and with their belly's full of the food they loved so much. it was a beautiful day, in a beautiful place to end their life journey.

renee and trina and i witnessed their passings without a tear. three is too many for us to all at once grieve for...maybe later the tears will come, for now it is just about what they needed and they got that.
rest in peace good, good dogs.
i love you all.

ellie is still not great. the vets are coming tomorrow morning but at least she got up on her own for a brief spell this evening.

spritely is being spritey, so that is a good thing.

and the water delivery finally came at 6 pm so i can now do a million and a half loads of stinky, smelly laundry.



What a tough day for all of you. I'm very sad about Raymond, but I'm so appreciative that his last days and memories will be of loving friends and peaceful sunshine and good food. He struck the mother lode of luck late in life and wound up at SAINTS after such a horrific existence, and I'll bet his big heart will be forever grateful. What a good, brave dog.


Run free Raymond, Sparky, and Tugs. You are loved and will be missed.

Take care of yourselves Carol, Renee, and Trina.


We shouldn't have "favorites", but Raymond was mine. His life was hell, but he never willingly or knowingly held a grudge against the collective members of the human race. Raymond's frail body and muddled mind were just a vessel for his beautiful soul.
God damn the people who robbed Raymond of the life he should have led, the life he deserved to live.
Go gently into that goodnight, Raymond. You will never be forgotten. Godspeed Tugs and Sparky.
Carol, Renee, Trina, be kind to yourselves.

Chris T

What a hard day. I hope you, Trina and Renee take it easy on yourselves today. That must have been very difficult. I am glad it was peaceful.


i really wish that people who chain up their dogs and leave them there could have met raymond and how he suffered. he was such a sweet dog but all the love he had at saints could not make him whole again. my heart aches for him and his suffering and i hope he finds peace now. he was a dog that did not deserve what he got, not that any of them do. as carol said, he so much needed his forever home. i will miss you snapping at my fingers, thinking i had food and that seemed to be utmost in your mind. not only chained up but starved. rest in peace, raymond.


What a beautiful, peaceful way to go. It sounds like their passing was indeed blessed. May God bless you, Carol.