Rescue Journal

news from today

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2008

phoebe was injured first thing this morning...out she flew as usual for a run in the fields and once again she cut a corner too sharp and tore herself open on the fence. i let her finish her run, she had no idea she was hurt (there is something to be said for an adrenalin rush, it masks a lot of pain.) anyway, she finally figured out she had a big ouch on the way down to the vet...they sedated and sutured her and she was a very good girl until laura picked her up and brought her home again. she is now resting in her bed, covered up with a couple of warm fleeces..every once in a while she pokes her nose out and stares at me til i tell her she is a poor, poor sweet baby...then she goes back to sleep. it is mighty quiet here this evening...i wonder if she could be safely sedated every day???

jesse has terrible diarrhea...hmmmm...i think i will have to take over all of her feeding cuz i remember this is not the first time this has happened to her.

spunk is doing well in his foster home...i am sooo glad he is out of the bathroom.

i let webster out of his cage for a bit...when angelina tried to pick him up to put him back in, he had a freaking hairy fit. apparently webster DOES NOT LIKE TO BE PICKED UP! whatever...he is currently sleeping on top of his cage.

an update on IKY today...she is doing great, her foster mom thinks she is the sweetest dog alive..she has had a couple of accidents in the house tho. this is ok with her foster mom and i think once she settles it should get better. she is going in for a vet check on wednsday.

well, i got off work early enough tonight to actually attempt to catch up on the laundry.

i think that is it...but then things change around here rather quickly sometimes.



He soo does not like to be picked up. I picked him up and he twisted in my hands and made that low growl that only truly pissed off cats get and I am pretty sure he would have bitten and scratched me if i did not let him go.