Rescue Journal

kicking thyself in the ass

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2008

i am trying to whip thru here and leave by 1030 so i can join my family for my daughters birthday brunch before i start to work...the problem of course is for some reason, i don't feel like whipping around and doing anything at to feel lazy on a day when lazy doesn't work all that well.

i called someone yesterday afternoon and they didn't answer right away cuz they were napping....i want a life i can nap in...and cook my dinner on my own stove in....and come home from work and relax with my feet up in...holy crap batman...what did i do?

and that is the other thing about rescue...too many holy crap moments...what have i done????

ah well...move thy butt caaaa-rule and get it done.



you have done what you want to do it is hard sometimes but i see all the animals and how much you love them and they you and i say caaaarol you rule