Rescue Journal

i am going to change salvadors name

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2008

half the time i trip over and stutter thru it and sal just doesn't sound right. the shelter staff gave him his name cuz he was a stray so i don't think he will mind if i try to find something else that i can say lovingly without a whole lot of concentration and thought.

open to suggestions here...he is a mid sized black spaniel cross with a grey face...he is a bit upset right now and needs a really good name.

madeline is doing great...very, very cute and sweet dog, carrie threatened to steal her away today.

i got all my personal laundry done, i got rid of a bunch of garbage around here, all of the barn feed bins are full....i came up with a new medication card system and set it all up. i have a staffing schedule on the wall in the office so we can see in advance when we are short and need volunteer help on that day. mj came and did up the deposits and is working on the payroll so i can write the cheques.

i did forget a couple of really important things...i forgot to go and sign the re-mortgage papers, oops. and i forgot to go to the accountants to write the receiver general cheque...ooops again. so i have got to do both of those on my lunch break or after work tomorrow FOR SURE!!!!

2 days off is just not enough, but i have a weeks vacation coming in a couple of weeks so i am really looking forward to that AND i am going to take a couple of days off from saints during that time too (honest to god!)
my bedroom is clean and so is my bathroom which means i can have a bath tonight and really, really enjoy it. everyone is well is good today...thank you whoever and can we please keep it this way?



Ba ha!!! Definitely NOT Tango then. You know special purchases just for yourself are always the first to get eaten, peed on, chewed, etc.!
My very sweet, best dog ever border collie spaniel mix is named Marty. Marty would be happy to share his name if you like. He feels it is quite distinguished and somewhat unique. (He does prefer to be called smarty marty though).


I think his name should be Bob. We've had a Bill, and if Salvatore is nearly the character Bill was, Bob will suit him perfectly.


The trouble is every name I come up with has already been used at Saints and has an animal and memory to go with it. Newman kinda suits his grumpy personality, hopefully that will change!!!!!


we have a tang....he is a piss-a-holic and has TOTALLY destroyed my flat screen tv that i bought as a treat last year to myself cuz i deserved a freaking decent sized tv that i could actually see...sigh...i am not very happy with tang right now....but it is a very good name....except currently it reminds me of certain selfishly spraying my stuff bastard cats.

next tv, i hang on the freaking wall.