Rescue Journal

tough night

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2008

i was up every hour on the hour...cuddles started with the poor me lift-a-foot routine yesterday but since he was with me all thru the day from unloading feed to the dump to staples for office supplies and i KNOW he never got hurt...i thought he was faking to keep velcro'd to my side...until we went to bed and he started to scream.

good drugs took care of his most of his pain but he still got upset whenever anyone moved on the bed. i will ask if i can bring him in today at lunch time but i suspect not since they will already have 2 of ours as drop offs. hopefully tomorrow for sure.
julie also decided to freak me out at bedtime last night... at 16 yrs old she has been doing the slow downward slide. last night she went into true unwellness and began with laboured breathing. she is a very shy and gentle de-clawed cat...i will have to leave her at the vet for assessment this morning on my way to work and neither of us will be happy about that esp. cuz i know that this is not something fixable anyway but i do have to check.
salvador who needs a new name had a bad night too...he attacked anyone who came near him (it was all just noise but still scary to the little guys) so lippy and lady decided to sleep in the empty open kennel in the den and madeline slept on the couch well out of his way. BUT every once in a while, one of them would want to get up and wander around so they barked and barked til i came to cuddle salvador so he would leave them alone while they had a drink and a putter sucked big time.

oka is an early morning drop off at the vet today too to get his blood sugars checked. i have an appointment at noon to discuss what i can expect to see with him as his illness progresses....i am sure it won't be good.
ok i better get oka fed and both he and julie loaded up in the van so i am only marginally late for work again.



the vet took a quick look at julie right looks initially like cardiac failure but she will grab some blood and xrays to confirm....ouch goes my heart.