Rescue Journal

and while it is the small minded things that crush is also the small minded things that lift you up again.

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2008 hot bath was nice and i did not cry.

phyllis looks adorable in her little pink coat.

alaister yet again has pushed the couch into the middle of the floor while searching for his ball.

tunie got up and ate her dinner. and so did oka.
i have chocolate mint girl guide cookies.

i finally remembered to give sunrise his last dose of zithromax (it has to be within 5 days but no closer than three, today was day 5.) i doubt it will make a difference but if i didn't give it i would have wished i did.

james bond drank the milk that was supposed to go with my girl guide cookies.

madeline is curled up and sleeping on my pillows with phyllis....and she looks pretty cute without a jacket on.
maude has her head plastered to my knee and cuddles and tyra are guarding my feet.

i noticed while i was walking jesse that the stars tonight are very beautiful.

we received a very generous donation yesterday from someone that wants to remain anonymous and due to their utter kindness, i can finally purchase either a new working furnace to heat 3/4's of the house that has actual heating ducts and ditch the portable heaters or buy a new gas fireplace to heat the dog room cuz the current one is is a bit of a change to have to decide how best to spend money vs how the heck can we find some more to cover what we already spent.

tomorrow i am finally doing the adoption paperwork on maudie and frodo...maude is not great tonight and i don't want to leave it til it is too late...they both want me to be their home.

ty has only seizured once since i got home. and erika, you will like this...i named our ty after your ty because your ty used to have his head all tied up in knots (for different reasons) and now he doesn't...i want the same for our tyler so your tyler is his new role model.



I can't believe that my Ty is a role model. I am honored by this and I know that you will help your Ty the same way that we helped ours.
Take care - Erika