Rescue Journal

crappy night

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2008

cuz my new dog maude is an utter freak out.

"i wanna up on the bed...."

"ewww, don't touch me there geez!"

"i wanna up on the bed...."

"help me up but don't touch me, never mind i gotta run away again."

i managed to get her up twice in more than half a dozen attempts. she'd settle for a bit and slept with her nose in the back of my neck and then an hour or so later she was back on the floor doing her freak out routine again.

hysterics is nothing new to maude...she spent days screaming at me and rolling around on the floor when i finally got home from the hospital last year.

she used to pitch a royal fit cuz sam and endora would be staring at her from underneath the bed or the tiny poodles wouldn't let her jump the gate into my room.

and every single weekend she still chases mo's roxie around yelling and bitching at her for absolutely no reason at all.

what is really making me sad right now is that maude is not being her usual drama queen because she wants what she wants right away. she is upset because instead of knowing beyond any doubt that everyone else is the world is wrong and stupid, she is now feeling that there is something wrong with her instead.

i love you maude, no matter what kind of freak out you happen to be.

i will talk to the vet again today...NOTHING showed on exam or bloodwork the last time we talked about this....we have tried everything from pain meds, NSAIDS, to ear meds to antibiotics in case we are missing something easy to fix.

some age peacefully and gracefully and some like maude turn themselves inside out.