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26 more hits on the blog today and...

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2008

we will hit 500,000...(this is not unique hits, the unique total is just under 20,000)...but still half a million of anything is big...shit, it mirrors my personal debt!

maude slept better last night and so did i...i still woke up with a bit of a headache but am hoping it will just go away.

milo slept by my bed, he liked that. lippy and lady laid on the bed and watched a movie with me but decided the couch was less crowded and active for actual sleeping....eddie, monty and beau were busy when the rest of us were trying to sleep.

oka likes the entrance way but he does not like the new canned puppy food. no point in anyone buying him anything except for the medi-cal developmental cuz he won't eat anything else.

sigh, another day to do exactly the same that we do every is like i am re-living that movie "groundhog day" over and over and over again... today i am so sick of cleaning...who knew rescue really meant being a forever and a day, mop and bleach slave? i am in repetitive mindless cleaning hell. (hence why i will NEVER quit my OTHER job, which actually changes each day.)

here is saints rescue for your perusal...screw all the noble crap we like to portray...clean up pee and poop and vomit from dogs, cats, rabbits, farm guys...give them all clean dry homes with warm soft beds, feed them, water them, give them attention... some interesting or fun excitement, happiness, and love. shop for them, haul crap for them, build for them, advocate for respect for them, vet them, med them, keep them safe, worry about them, occasionally (if you can) send them off to forever homes, hold them as they pass away (if they allow,) wrap their bodies at clinic or home, mourn them, pay their bills (when you can), mop up another floor, piss someone off by being a flawed human, go to bed, wake up sore and cramped and kind of headachey and tired and start a another day.

rescuers aren't noble, we are just stubborn hard workers with an attitude.

i better get dressed.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Happy Thanksgiving from the cold north - but no snow yet! Funny - I said the exact same words to Dave this morning!! There is a very fine line between just enough bleach and too much! have a wonderful peaceful day! Yvette and Dave

Barbara DeMott

shit, Carol, I was feeling just like that this week too and I have only one senior, four pets and a sick husband to care for.