Rescue Journal

i did not wake up until almost 8 am today....

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2008

AND i only woke up then cuz wolfie and zues had the house in an uproar trying to break into here this morning. i put them in the shop til their dad comes looking for them. sleeping in late would mean sucking here again except i have had a headache since midnight so at least "i suck" has an excuse today.

tyler is out and out perky this morning...he actually got up to say tyler, good for you!

today before i go to work, i have got to clean out my car. the accountants want the quarterly receipts and guess where many of them are?

i am trying to decide if this week we can go back on the well or will we need to order in water again...i don't feel like crawling down into the crawl space to look but i think guessing would be a bad idea.

i have a vet appointment on saturday for 1015...i don't suppose anyone remembers who i said i was taking in?

i watched the new indiana jones movie last it me or was that movie just terrible? and how can you possibly wreck indiana jones by the way?

just wasting time here....cuz i don't want to get moving today. sleeping in is an energy sucker, it makes me lazy instead of rested, now isn't that weird?



nope but good try...phyllis has had her appointment...i called and is eddy! of course, his mouth is getting sore again!


was the appointment a make up appointment for phyllis? you took pheobe in to get stitches on her original appointment.