Rescue Journal

meet the fockers

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2008

there is suzie focker, an elderly fat, wanna-be boston terrier look alike with a pointy chihuahua nose. there is her niece, chica focker, a middle aged mix of JRT/chi. they are both quite demanding but able to clearly state what they like and what they do not approve being shut in a bathroom, even one with a puppy gate so it is easy to visually see all the neighbors, is rude. to demonstrate this they vocalized their disapproval and when that failed to correct the situation, they tore up 5 rolls of toilet paper and threw their was once full food bowl around.

so i get the fockers message and i let them loose in the back with everyone else. apparently this is STILL not good enough cuz they are currently voicing their displeasure at the back area gate, the new fockers have already learned the old fockers to be with the humans. these two little prima donnas are going to be such a total and complete happy hoot. focker midgets to torture me more!

also meet conan focker...he is only a focker cuz he came the same day as the other two. he is a sleek, shiny big eyed black cat staring at me in bewildered terror from his soft bed. unlike his canine cousin fockers, he has not made a total mess of his place. he is just quietly and patiently and unobtrusively waiting to wake up from his current nightmare here. poor will kind of get better once you get used to it here.

and then there is the other resident fockers...dopey milo who has a fit cuz i am home...nosey beau focker who thinks sniffing butts of visiting royal suzie fockers is a polite and friendly thing to do. there is sweet no trouble madeline focker who just finds a bed to stay out of the other fockers way, and tyler the anxiously circling focker who accidently got left in the little dog room which is not his most favorite focker place. and there is eddy focker, a black AND white cat who keeps being mistaken for monty focker, a black WITH white cat who actually enjoys beau focker and chyna focker using him for a chew toy, which eddy focker does not enjoy too.

tonight this place is just full of fockers...big ones and small ones and old ones and new ones and freaky fockers like phoebe and maudie fockers too.

fock man, this place is a fockers madhouse...i better go to bed, maybe in the morning it won't seem so focking full.




Thanks for the true belly laugh! :))

I hope all the fockers, big and little, behave themselves focking better as the days go on!