Rescue Journal

we slept ok...

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2008

i had seven of the little fockers sharing my bed with me. suzie and chica had a hard time initially figuring out the logistics of sleeping arrangements. i lifted chica up and oh no, now the girls were separated and hysteria mounted. i went to help suzie and she snarled and bit my hand. i still got her up tho cuz that WAS where she wanted to be and she was quite happy when she got there til chica jumped down to see why beau was so unhappy.

then i lifted up beau who is a freaking impatient spoiled baby but at the same second, chica jumped down to help him too. i grabbed chica and tossed her up as suzie flew off the bed to follow her life long friend. i got yelled at and bit as i lifted her up again and finally BOTH of them were in the same place at the same time and that was good enough for them.

suzie slept on my pillow, chica slept near my arm.

chica got up and jumped down when we woke up but suzie decided she couldn't follow on her own this morning cuz in the dayylight it was just too far down.

she threatened to bite me again this morning as i lifted her down to the floor but she didn't actually do it so i guess we are making progress in my elevator service assistence to chi's wanting to go is slightly more appreciated now.

sigh...they are both back and fussing at the back area gate...we will continue to work on defining physical boundries and barriers today i suppose.

the noisy but cute little focker midgets are bossing me around.



I use a series of rubbermaid "under bed" boxes: I think they're roughly 1.5 ft by 2.5 ft by 4 inches tall. They WERE under my bed, where they belonged, for years, until the ancient cat started really struggling with getting up and down from the bed.

So at the foot of my bed - we have no footboard - I have a tower of 3 boxes, right beside a tower of 2 boxes, beside a single box. The boxes are full of crap so they're reasonably heavy & interlock onto the lids below so the stacked ones are stable. The lids are also easily washable. It makes a series of 4 inch high very large steps which the cat can manage quite easily.

This has been a great solution for us. Stable, easy to clean, I can store stuff in there & if I ever need to make the place look less insane, they still fit under the bed.


i have tried the plastic ones...they go flying across the floor and launch the dogs into space...they hate this. i have tried the wooden and carpet ones and everyone pees on them and they stink to high heaven so i hate that.
lifting them up and down works good as long as they cooperate with the lift up per dog and stay put til hard is that anyway? some of them are morons at figuring this out.


I know this might be a bad idea...

But have you thought of getting those dog-stairs to put beside you bed so the little fockers can get up there themselves? Or is that giving them too much power?

Don't let the fockers take over, Carol, and do NOT show any fear. They can smell fear. Be careful.