Rescue Journal

today i see only $$$$$

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2008

i don't know how many of you were aware of "rachet"...he was a pup in afghanistan adopted by a US soldier...the soldier was shipped home (a year and a half AFTER her tour ended...they are holding soldiers longer than their tour periods to avoid re-instituting the draft) and rachet was up to be shot and the soldier was up on charges for having a dog.

anyway...good news today, rachet is on a plane and due to arrive in washington DC this afternoon thx to the efforts of M.A.R.S. Productions, and the US SPCA/Baghdad Pups Operation. (if you signed the petition to release rachet, they keep you up to date which is nice)

that was a nice email to read today.

i am going looking for a new bed today...not a bigger one...mine is fine cuz nothing bigger will fit in my room. but one for the hide-away suite...i am putting this on my finally paid off master card (i remortgaged last week and paid that sucker off) cuz i am utterly bound and determined to have a bed day sometime during this week of vacation but i need a bed up there to achieve this...a purely singularly selfish activity but one i am going to participate in fully and enthusiastically anyway. some people go to mexico for their vacations...i want to go to bed for a day.
i think i will be busy most of the week so i am ear marking thursday (i start back to work on saturday) for my shuffle from bed to chair to fridge to bed in my slippers until the staff leave at 5 pm that day. i have beaten bigger odds, i have accomplished greater feats, i seen no reason at all that i can't succeed in this plan.

well actually i see one real big reason...something (the animals or the people or the work) around here might get in the way.

i did get all the farm feed bins ($200) and specialty cat/ dog foods ($300) and cleaning supplies ($230, we were out of canadian tire money) stocked up so at least everything everyone needs is here for this not only is freaking nutz about the costs...but buying and hauling and putting all of the crap away is huge...(thx for the help everyone!)

spritely's leg looks like shit. gideon is stuck to her like glue again and spritely is still running around...miracle horse or freak?

that fat little chi suzie is a freak too...i am already completely and totally captivated (literally) by her. last night she slept under my blankets, snuffing and snorting into my neck...sigh... i am in love. she still wants to bite me when i lift her up and down but she is trying to hold herself back. her voice when she is unhappy (which is whenever she is not with you) is enough to strip paint off the walls around here...gawd she is freaking cute!

if we cannot medically get tyler active, moving and happy, i have decided to euthanize. so keep your fingers crossed that all tyler needs is some good medication mixes to help him feel well.

we are finally switched back on the well for water...whew...that water hauling crap cost us a total of $2800 since the beginning of august...that would have been a fair amount of vet care. did i tell you we have spent more than $15,000 on vet care in the past 3, we are just starting to be able to pay them down. i paid off eastridge last week...maybe agwest this week...hillndale has to wait cuz they are over $10,000 but a gaming grant of $7500 is coming (thx sheila!) so that will help with their vet bill too.

money sucks if you don't have it...i imagine it is nice if you have quite alot.



make sure you lock the shop from the inside so no one can get in there and do not answer for anything lol. at least you have a bathroom you can use there. i am glad to hear about the overseas dog. every once in awhile it is nic e to hear a good story hope tyler is going to respond to something soon.


Bed days are great especially with a good book or movie. Lock the door and leave your cell phone in the house!Don't forget the M&M's and Girl Guide cookies.
Sorry to hear about Ty I was hoping for an easy fix. I am very glad he's with you rather than spending his last days in the Shelter. He was so cold there and with Winter coming it wasn't getting any better. My fingers are crossed that hopefully medication will work!