Rescue Journal

ok...i really suck

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2008

so off i go looking for a bed at the brick BIG SALE...i expect to find one for about $1000...i found one for $549.00. and i find a persimmon little sofa for $298...hmmmm....still doing ok til i find a sony 32 inch flat screen tv for $649...taxes, delivery, wall hanging kit for the tv so it doesn't get peed on again...$1900.

how come last week i couldn't part with the money and this week i can? freaking personal charge cards that are no longer maxed out with saints shit.... lots of room for me again.... i went a little bit credit card crazy. i am cashing a bond and paying that off before i get used to shopping sucking too much. i am going to try to forget that i actually have a credit card, AND i am not going out with that sucker again.

!but ha ha...i have a nice tv to watch again in the house...and a cute little faux suede tomato red sofa for my up and coming hide-away...they deliver on wednsday.... i am kind of happy.

they have NICE stuff in that store...i really like how the styles have changed over the past 15 years (which was about the last time i was actually in a furniture store!) life i am going to be a shopper!

today's made me laugh......when i got home tonight, i saw tyra had something stuck to her head....i get close to look and i read an upside down label maker label that says "TYRA JANE"...obviously renee was having fun at work today....she was busy labelling my dog.


Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole - Marie and I would like to come to SAINTS tomorrow to do a spot of something. A lovely young woman in my park gave me (looks like 4) brand new, labels still on, blankets for SAINTS, plus toys. Small things like that make a wonderful difference and feel to the day.


And for God's sake, stop saying you suck. War sucks, poverty sucks, mean people (including Nuns and clowns) suck, people who hurt animals suck, racism sucks, the fact that kids get cancer sucks.
You do not suck.


I'm starting to think you might actually take that still-needs-to-be-seen-to-actually-be-believed day for yourself this week. Does that make me delusional?
If you need DVDs, Chris has more than Blockbuster. If you want something to read, Angelina and I are better stocked than the Maple Ridge library (really, we are). Need food? I'll make you whatever you want, and deliver it. We have frozen mint Girl Guide cookies (you ate all yours) and I'll even get you a bottle of Bailey's (or pick some other poison, and I'll get that.

I would really (really, really, really) like to see Carol Hine's Day Off come to fruition.

Way to go with the bed, sofa and TV, by the way. You more than deserve a few creature comforts. The creatures in your world seem to have all the comforts they need.


good for you on getting something nice for yourself a well deserved treat.