Rescue Journal

today was good.

Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2008

it was a BEAUTIFUL day...mild and sunny and the mountains hugging us close in all their autumn colors.

ellie was out and out perky, bopping around, happy as a clam.....tunie did get mad at ellie and me at bedtime...but geez louise, not only does she have to move so slow but does she have to poop in ellie's bed right in front of her on the way out the door?...that is just rude tunie!

the gaming grant hit the bank today so i can pay off the last vet by the end of the balance days are so very rewarding even if they don't last very long. it is the getting there once in awhile that counts.

my youngest daughter came out today to help me and tammy set up the hide-away room. the bed frame is missing parts so we just set the mattress and box spring up on the floor for now. we were supposed to spend the afternoon together at IKEA but tyler had his vet appointment, the furniture was arriving, the new lino for the turtle gardens dog area came, the furnace guy came and gave me an opinion (don't do it) on replacing the broken furnace.

apparently converting to gas will be very expensive because of where the gas lines are and putting in a new oil furnace is just stupid cuz it is expensive to heat plus the outside oil storage tank is toast anyway.

he is suggesting i replace the two existing gas fireplaces with big ass ones with blowers. hmmm, the little one in the cat room already cooks me out, i am not sure i could stand a big, stronger one. back to thinking about solutions again...why are solutions never simply easy?

anyway..since i had to be at home, jenn came here and spent the afternoon with me. that was nice except she forgot to bring the pictures i asked for from the old house so the hide-away walls are still a bit bare....but she really likes the room and can now come and stay over night sometimes too.

that little fat chi suzie is stalking me like cuddles and lexi does...AND she has a horrible screeching voice because apparently like everyone else, she does not think stalkers should necessarily be silent.

i did not swell up so badly from the bee stings this time, but tonight they are very itchy so i am still mad at that bee.

we have a new dog here...her name is este...she is an old lexi look-a-like and she really seems to like it here. she and chyna are playing...chyna pulls her tail and for some reason este thinks this is fun. she has taken over lexi's couch which lexi is not all that happy about.

maude had a mini freaking scaredy-cat melt down so renee brought her over to me in the shop. she laid on the new bed, climbed up on my lap in the comfy chair, whacked me in the face with her feet a few times and then she felt ok again. weird dog but she is my weird dog now so that is good.

i fixed the freaking leaking washer today...duct tape is a wonderful thing. hopefully i can finish up the saints stuff tonight a put thru a couple of loads of my things too.

tammy made this AWESOME SAINTS calender...chocked full of our much was it tammy? cuz i think others might want to buy one too! it has americats, and old bill, (and yes phoebe too), spritely, jeanette and little jack the mechanical dog plus so very many others, some here, some passed even has michael the troll in it too.

i sucked maria in today into sewing the curtains i did not want to sew...i bribed her with a hot chocolate and baily's and she became putty in my manipulative hands...thank you maria...i am so happy your are sewing those curtains for me!!!!
tyler's heart rate significantly improved with the atropine testing today. so i have an RX to pick up from the pharmacy first thing tomorrow morning and we can try him on some meds. it is just a couple of weeks trial and then we will reassess his quality of life again.

and once i get home from picking up his meds, it is my BIG BED DAY OFF! i think this is going to be so very cool.



i'd just as soon stick the real phoebe to a wall somewhere at least then she'd stay put instead of gate and door charging constantly.


The calendar was $20 plus tax. It takes approx. three weeks to arrive.
Yes it was a challenge to restrain myself and not put Phoebe on every page. I mean who wouldn't want to see her smiling face hanging on the wall month after month after month.