Rescue Journal

carol's day off

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2008

it was a decent day off. no i did not spend the entire day in bed, but i did manage a few hours on either side of a visit from my friend. renee kept giving me shit, in person and on my cell phone..."where ARE you? go to bed!!!" pretty freaking funny to be sent to bed by a TWENTY ONE YEAR OLD!

i had some trouble getting tylers meds today...they have been discontinued, the vet and the pharmacy tried a couple of more with no luck..i am not sure exactly where we are at right now. hopefully tomorrow we will have something decent for him...heart blockages in canines are quite rare and finding a human drug that is safe for him is proving a bit of a challenge.

este and cuddles were picked up by kathy and taken to samantha for grooming...they both look great....thank you sam! este looks and feels like a puppy again and with her new pain meds is a different dog. she is so freaking happy, she has currently got my sweaters arm in her mouth and she is trying to remove it from me. gee, a dog that helps you undress, what a novelty. anyway she is happy to be cared for, she is happy to be pain free and we are happy to be able to do all of this for her so it is a very good thing.

i would like to be a rescuer who doesn't help so many at the same time...but then the chyna's, este's, jack's, webster's, conan's, spunk's, tyler's and peeing, biting chi's (who don't bite anymore) would be screwed if that was the kind of rescue i did.....oh well, so far it works even if the working well part is a bit of an expensive, time consuming challenge.

it does make me feel good to see a crippled old tattered dog suddenly become youthful and happy with a little kindness and care.

also...i would like to welcome "lane" as our new casual saints staff member. lane is having his training shifts this week and then will be on call if someone is sick or needs an extra day off. (and no i did not hire him just because his daughter happens to be a girl guide with access to cases of cookies!...he has soft respectful heart and hands which are critical around here)
AND while i am at it, i would like to say that we are currently blessed with great staff people who care about these guys as much as i do. not only do they get the physical work done and very well, but they take care of the happiness and fun stuff for these guys too. i am stating here that the animals care and quality of life has improved significantly since we found the right team of caregivers and gotten more organized, and i want to thank them for is another gift that we are all thankful for too.

ok...back to work, barn to bed, laundry to finish and i want a bath.