Rescue Journal

maybe i do that...maybe i don't...maybe i should think on this a bit more,

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2008

there was a thread on the message board with a rescue pleading for help cuz one on their fosters was being returned and had no where to go...the spca was mentioned as the next step if no help could be found.

she got jumped on, even by others who had posted similar things in the past..once a rescues dog, always a rescues dog...til death do you part.

hmmm...i believe this but i have sent dogs to the care of other shelters occasionally. we rescued, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tattoo'd the "lovemypit" pups and sent them to a mutual foster home and put them on the spca books (they got the fee) cuz they stood a better chance of adoption with the spca then they did with us. i sent the half grown hound pup to the LAPS shelter to find a good home...same reason.

i have tried to find places for the occasional ones i couldn't manage (sigh, no luck) or the ones who had homes waiting for what we happened to have here (some luck).

would i send a returning foster to the spca? probably not cuz if i couldn't manage them here, their chances somewhere else aren't all that great either...but maybe if that was the only chance i might...but probably not. i pretty much only send off highly adoptable dogs cuz i don't really trust too many others with the ones who are not.

gawd...i would love to unload ben somewhere else if he ever returned...but i wouldn't dare, ben is an asshole, assholes get killed in other places sometimes. i guess would find a spot for him here, even if it meant more reno's.

but....when i read these kind of threads...i don't get my feathers all in a fluff and start freaking out saying, bad, bad, bad!!!!

i think about when i have i done it and why?...why would i do it and how?...what would i be trying to accomplish for that animal by doing that in the first place?

it makes for an interesting thought session.

i think it helps me grow instead of shrink.



Hi Larraine! Yes im in langley.....20785 Langley Bypass. and my number is 604-530-0518


dont worry about ben. if he loses his home he will have a place here with me till he is gone. i have grown very fond of him he is great with my dogs and he has sleepovers and hangs here a lot of the time. it would not be good for him or your other animals to go back to saints. i could not do that to him. he is like my familly now. he loves me and i love him.


Does your groomer Samantha work out of Langley? I am looking for a groomer in Langley. If she does could I get her phone number please and thank you.