Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2008

murph is here... sweet dog, sad eyes. it sucks to be an imperfect dog in an imperfect world.

lippy and lady went home this afternoon...they were so excited....cathy looked scared to death!

lots more done today...the kitchen cupboards were installed in the medical room....looks very good. steve was also bound and determined that i have cable in the hide-away suite, and now i do!

quite a few out recently thru death, adoption and is finally starting to feel a bit more normal and not so nutzoid crazy.

beau's mom stopped by...he is doing really well. their other dog scottie likes him alot and they play together which is good. apparently there are a few foot-less dolls in the home now too...hah, beau will teach the kids to put away their toys better than anyone else!

i cleaned out the fridge today (ok that was GROSS)...who knew there were five cold beer in there??? ( yes mo to answer your question from a week ago, apparently there are beer in the fridge) and i bought a few groceries so i can try to eat here more often.

busy day tomorrow...organize the MP room, office and shop cuz we (mostly i) have been messing them all up.

i have decided how to handle murphy's diet because i do not want him totally segregated...since he is having problems with just vegetarian anyway, i am going to try him with hypoallergenic, if he is ok (or at least not worse) with that, then all of the skin guys can move into the kitchen and all eat the same kind of food. hopefully it works.

cole, cleo and jack got back in the mp room today, oka is there too cuz i need his spot tonight for murphy...sigh...i hate it when dogs pick areas i have plans for to decide they want to own. i WANTED to move al and gwen over there, not half the freaking big dog room.

how come their choices have more importance than mine anyway?...cuz dogs are selfish, self serving opportunistic beasts who i let walk all over me, that's why!

carrie and renee updated photos and bios on the saints petfinder site...i see a couple of things we need to fix, like mention that monty is FIV...but it looks good...thx you guys!

new bunny in...saints welcomes lincoln...eva is grounded for 2 weeks...she got all upset and caved when she saw him in the tiny cage at the petstore and bought him, gee $12 for a whole entire life (including tax, living things are TAXABLE????)...but....BAD eva! i told NOT go into pet stores that sell living creatures, ever...look what happens! she has promised never to go in there again.

he is a very cute and sweet little bunny, he looks like a grey and white marilla. we need to book him in to get him fixed and see if we can bond him into maple's group. welcome lincoln, it is not your fault you are a $12.00 pet store bunny....sheesh.



i was wondering if anything happened with milo. i thought there was someone coming to look at him. i was hoping.