Rescue Journal

gawd!!! este is a pain in the ass.

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2008

she is like a freaking giant, crippled, old lady puppy. she is pissing everyone off with her poking them with her nose, grabbing their ears, mouthing their flanks to try to get them to play. and when they get mad...negative attention is just as fine for her...she is more than willing to rumble. she is worse than beau in the puppy manner department.

i have a theory...some dogs who never had a puppyhood and really, really wanted one...grab one with all four paws if the opportunity arises anytime in their unhappy lives....jewel is a freak, este is a freak...ancient, crippled dogs who act like great big idiotic babies. este is mouthing me, flinging blankets around and ripping them up, bugging the cats and the more dignified ADULT-LIKE dogs...and utterly, totally, and completely oblivious to the word "NO!!!"

she is a pain in the ass and i have decided to kill nicole and zoe.

we got lots done today...the medical room is coming along nicely thx to carrie and renee and the mp room is back to normal. eva, tammy and i got not only the shop done, but most of the set up of the TG adoption pen plus a HUGE dump run (i couldn't even take it all and will have to finish it off tomorrow.)
we had a dog fight...oka and jack went at it, too many dogs in the medical room. the only injuries were carrie's leg from multiple frodo wounds. frodo was pissed that the dogs were fighting in his house so he beat the shit out of carrie's leg....i think she is wearing like 4 or 5 separate dressings on that leg....he can OCCASIONALLY be such a violent bastard (which is how i ended up with him in the first, second and third place, each time an adoption would fail.) but frodo and i have an understanding...i don't piss him off and he doesn't hurt me...he thinks the staff should learn this rule a little bit more quickly, especially since with his very last adoption, (cuz no one else would have him....) he became the boss's cat.

i know he is a jerk, and i am sorry carrie got hurt but i do love that jeckle and hyde mr. cat...16 years old and he can still kick ass...i should introduce him to este.


Zoe M.

Carol, please don't kill us. Our fleet of animals depends on us.
I'm sure if I find the proper outfit for her, everything will be just fine.


<p>oh yeah...i forgot it was a trio tormenting trick! thx for the reminder...i want cody, rocky, AND colton guys can share este!


I just read TG's blog to find out one of her adoptee's has gone missing in the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge area. She bolted (after some gun shot noise) from the Pitt Meadows air port dyke and was last seen at 240th and Lhd Hwy by Tamarack lane. Her name is Misty and she white/black. See the turtle gardens blog from the links site on Saints main page right side.


I am very glad, Carol, that you have not decided to kill me too, especially since I encouraged Nicole and Zoe. ;)


Frodo is 16?? Lucky for me I have only ever seen the Hyde side of him not the Jeckyll. Who is that ADORABLE ball of fluff called Madeline on the "dogs" page? I haven't been out for so long there are alot of dogs I don't know.