Rescue Journal

my mood was slightly improved....

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2008

til the dogs pissed me off...i fell cuz someone pissed on the floor, my arms were full of cuddles cuz este was bugging him and i couldn't see the dogs and the bed under my feet and so i fell...bastards, but i'll get over it quick.

my bad mood yesterday however goes is simply an utter frustration at humans not accepting responsibilty for their actions, their problems, and their decisions. i am freaking tired of holding the bag for folks who ooops, change their minds, gee thought it didn't actually, really apply, ( it was a joke right?)..... consequences? huh? big word.
ok...i just deleted 3/4's of was unprofessional, self indulgent and haggy in the extreme.

but i found 2 words i liked that could define an issue...instead of personalities.

a "moral chameleon"

admit it...this is a great couple of words...what a great way to define those whose colors change to suit each particular circumstance to achieve the ultimate benefit.

is this not what the world's greatest problem is...a morality that changes according to fulfilling our next want or need?

shelley is right, i need a scary-ass receptionist to block those trying to take advantage of me. but i also need to look at my inability to RECOGNIZE a lizard with a wardrobe of different clothes.
i am going to think further on the ever changing morality of chameleons and get back to you when i can do it while discussing an issue without making it personal and becoming a self indulgent hag.



oh i kind of get it, sort of, maybe ...i think want one of these!
jeez carrie will quit if i make her do all the crappy stuff around here...i will forward to zoe...she is pretty happy.


You know you COULD do a receptionist.

For $20 a month you can get SAINTS an IP phone (Vonage). The voicemail gets forwarded by E-MAIL to anyone you like. So you could filter out the SAINTS messages straight to someone's e-mail (maybe not you--maybe Carrie?). So then (1) you don't get eaten alive by it (your adrenals last you maybe 5 years longer) (2) someone with some distance gets to do first-level triage for you, reduce the burden (3) people makeing requests get more of a sense that this isn't "just Carol", but SAINTS they have to deal with.

I think this could have the double advantage that it reduces the burn-out burden on you, and also starts to move SAINTS forward to that space where it depends less on you personally and runs more on its own processes.

What do you think?


see!! and i know this too!!! and i see a thousand times more truly good people in my life then i do of the other why is it the few and far between that i get into such a snit about?...oh wait...i is because every single one of them is trying to take something here that does not belong to them, or that they thoughtlessly tossed away and now want back, or something they have never earned in the first place but think they should have anyway...all because they are morally lazy.... they change their values, their memory, their history to drives me up the wall.
sometimes i so want a chameleon repelling spray bottle attached to my, i already do!!!! is called The Blog.


Of course, there are all those other people out there - the wonderful, caring, noble types. They're nice to have around.


Your expectations of the human species might need lowering. We are a nasty lot, with conveniently poor memories and the ability to twist reality to suit our own individual narratives ( usually it's a victim narrative. ) We are doorknobs and dumbasses, sadists and shitheads, and I don't foresee that changing in the near future. Although the Americans did just elect Barack Obama by a landslide, so there must be hope.

What you need Carol is a receptionist. A mean, take-no-prisoners, suffer-no-fools, no-nonsense receptionist to protect you from the humans of this world.