Rescue Journal

my prayer

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2008

i just read the recent posting, apparently on the BCSPCA website that was emailed to me in response to the article in the Province newspaper regarding the seizure of the Forgotten Feline cats. Attached to the posting is the report by attending vets. The BCSPCA is coming to SAINTS to inspect and discuss with us the possibility regarding taking in some of the FeLV positive cats. I had hoped to keep our current FeLV area closed to any new admissions to protect our current residents from new opportunistic virus' and bacteria's. Morally, we need to make room for some of these cats. response to this need, i am once again thinking and planning how to do this while minimizing the impact on our current FeLV cats...ronnie, tikki and mosley are most vulnerable to secondary infections right now.

i think the best solution is to set up an intake/isolation area separate from our current guys, get the new ones to optimal health and then start slowly moving them into the area. the current area could be increased to meet the needs of more cats than it was initially designed for...this is not a huge problem as there is another area the same size as the current pen being used as a storage area sharing an interior wall...punching thru and adding a door way will be no big deal......or keeping 2 totally separate pens maybe the best idea for maintaining infection control...i have to think hard on this and will discuss the possibilites with the SPCA staff.

this kind of thing like what happened with the americats from the rescue in pahrump, and now forgotten such a terrible thing. rescuers trying so hard to save as many as they possibly can because so very many need to be saved. but we cannot save and then care for them all...we can only save and care well for some. and i know of the battles inside us that keep us pushing to do more and more but more and more never ends.

please god keep me safe from going too far, from falling from compassion to torment. let me help as many as i possibly can well and close my eyes to the rest. help me stay firmly attached on the wavering wire of never too few but never too many either. and please god, keep the animals in my care forever safe from going down the road of no return where they will need rescuing from me.

this is my rescuers prayer.



Carol, not a single day goes by that I donot think of the americats from Pahrump, Nevada. It brings much joy and satisfaction to me when I see one of the 800 plus adopted into a forever home. When one passes from an incurable disease or a humans ignorance, I am saddened as if having lost one of my best friends. Why you ask? Because I was at the rescue and saw the deplorable conditions under which these guys were abandoned. And yes, I adopted Stash and Nicole from the rescue. I flew them back to Canada to a better existence. They are a constant reminder of what we must keep in perspective when doing rescue. As a result of adopting Stash and Nicole I feel very close to the others because they came from the same group. We may live provinces and countries apart but the health and welfare of each and every one of these cats must be of the utmost concern. Thank you Carol and Saints for giving cats like Ronnie, Tkik, Mosley and others a safe place to stay on their lifes journey.


i was also thinking you do not need a rescuers prayer, you are tooo smart for that, y;ou know what you can handle and can not. as a volunteer i see the great good that you do and know you are not taking on more than you can handle. the animals are very hqppy there and none are wanting for anything. do not second guess yourself you are doing a great job and all the animals love you


carol, whatever you do will be from your heart and no one can ask anymore. you always have the animals best intrests at heart and sometimes it works, sometimes not. but do what your gut says to do and hopefully all will turn out fine. i am constantly amazed and in awe by what you do and i always think these animals are so so lucky to have you