Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2008

there is a sad dog asleep at the side of my bed.

his name is four-lane because he was found on a highway.

i asked the family today, does he have a sense of humour or is he a serious dog?

he is a serious dog said they.

the last few years have been hard for him, the old man was oftimes impatient.

he did not love this serious dog, he is glad four-lane has gone away.

i saw the tears well up in this man's children's eyes,

i think they were tears of regret.

regret that this sad and serious dog must now make his life here at saints.

i wonder tonight as i watch him sleep, does he feel my questioning gaze?

does it occur to he who began this journey long ago on an empty highway somewhere...

that he will be everything in the world to me?

welcome to saints little lad, i will always be here watching and pondering you.

and one day, i will know the light now hidden inside of you......i promise, it's what i do.



welcome carol....lover of the beauty of the aged and wrecked, i don't get either how anyone could not want all of these guys...every moment of every hard earned life shining before our eyes..... (except for phoebe, her shining is so freaking bright, it leaves you with a blinding headache!)


it is different....tom was sad for a couple of days but inside he knew he was a king and tom was such a freaking food glutton that it was easy to keep his mind on stuffing his face while his empty heart healed and filled up again with me.
gawd!!! i loved that stinky old sweater-ed hotdog...SUPER DOG minus the little red cape.


Sometimes a rough road leads to a beautiful place. Peace, little dude.


Carol, I've been reading your blog off and on, since discovering Turtle Gardens. My last two dogs died at 18 and 16, and in spite of the emotional and financial drain, I wouldn't have traded those final years for all the world. I will never understand why there is a need for what you do because there are humans I will never "get", but my thanks to you is heartfelt. Today, you've brought out-loud laughter (the foreplay comment), shiny eyes/lump in the throat (the free verse about four-lane) and empathy (God is not a woman). With menopause now happily in the past, I hate to break it to you that my memory hasn't improved. Anyhow, I've added you to my blog (fairly new and not widely read, but you never know) and hope I can at some point visit SAINTS.