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new incoming

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2008

saints welcomes "shilo" a BEAUTIFUL 11 yr old siamese girl taken to the vet for euth for litter box issues. geez we have taken in a lot of animals lately for the number one reason for animals losing their homes....incontinence issues inside the home.

anyway shilo is lovely, i hope she does well here.

new influx of FeLV cats from the recent shelter seizure coming this week. we passed the spca inspection, no concerns, no suggestions for improvement (she said she was impressed...whew.) we have purchased large collapsible cages to house 5 positive cats during their isolation period. we also set up (this is sad) a lidded 4x4 xpen for a FeLv positive mom and her 5-4 week old babes. most of the kittens will probably be positive but we can't begin to test them til 6 months of age (unless they show symptoms earlier.) once mom is done nursing, we will move her to the FeLv area and keep the babes in a separate area (sigh, which we have to build, we are ALWAYS reno'ing something around here!) until we test to see who is sick and who is free from the virus. most of any positive babes will probably not live to see their first year...this virus is quick and deadly in the little ones....some of the babes might be naturally immune tho....hope floats til it sinks.

we bought them an apparently $65 (but on sale for $25) barbie bed, super cute and a very cool kitten jungle gym..these kittens may be sick, but they never will be wanting for anything to have some fun for whatever time they have.

my back is still sore and i am currently suffering from chest pain because phoebe is an absolute and total cow and i just about killed myself while chasing her out of my house. she was sleeping on a shelf, did her moray eel thing and shot out, grabbed maude by the ear, knocked over the shelf and the TV which landed on you even want to guess how pissed off i was at her? (lexi and maude are fine) i hope she is freezing her prissy, bitchy, selfish and paranoid little butt off by the front door and i am not letting her in til my chest pain goes away.

i asked the spca manager to please seize her from my care, she declined, ratz..i bet i am stuck with that dog for the next 15 years....if she does end up killing me one day...i hereby leave her in my will to tammy. you guys are my witnesses.



Phoebe is not a hellion. She is simply misunderstood. I've talked to her and tried to explain why people aren't impressed with her. Frankly she just doesn't care, her way or no way.


i am home next weekend emma so just let me know your ETA and i will be here to introduce you to the new ones (chyna is a bit protective til she knows folks are allowed to be here)


lol...there was a little girl
who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead
and when she was good
she was very very good
and when she was bad
she was......

what was she again????
ah yes....she was HORRID!


Tammy, do you hear voices in your head that are not yours? Do you spend a lot of time talking to Mr. Grasshopper and Miis Butterfly? Do little children ever say "Look Mommy, that lady's feet are not touching the ground!"? Do you and Phebers do mind-melds? The dog is a demon! I'm glad you see the goodness under that deep, deep, deep hellion's outer core.


Carol - I am not coming out tomorrow as I hoped but would like to come on the weekend. Do I still need to be there before noon on Sat or Sun?


Hey Carol, I will be up there tomorrow morning (around 9 am) to drop off pumpkins from Erika, to meet the new guys and say hi to everyone else.

Are you going to be around? If not, where should I put the pumpkins?

(i posted this comment on the last post but i dont know if you saw it, that is why i am posting it again on the new page)


i could leave her to you early if you would like!

for the other phoebe worry warts out there (i am not sure there actually are any more except tammy)...yes phoebe is back in the house and wrapped in a fleece on the bed on top of the crate where she is supposed to be sleeping..high and away from anyone wandering by. she got back in and sadly (for me) missed the hail storm by a good 20 minutes (ratz again, it would have been the diabolically perfect punishment for her!)
tomorrow is another day..try not to be such a hag phebes.


Okay I will admit Phoebe has a few issues to work through. However she has the ability to be the sweetest dog I have ever met (not to mention the most beautiful). I think she is going through a difficult transition with the weather, she doesn't like the cold or the rain so it is causing her to act out. I will talk with her tomorrow.
And of course I would be honoured to have her left to me.