Rescue Journal

i am going to bed early

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2008

a hot bath, some more robaxcet and hopefully tomorrow i will cease to feel like i am ninety.

the FF FeLV cats are here...all settled into their new cages and beds, food and water bowls full. i just went out to say good night and welcome to saints.

serena is the mom cat...absolutely and totally lovely. her babes are mikey, stella, james, sidney, and colby..super, duper freaking cute (mom and babes have ringworm tho.)

then we have brianna and betsy and bruce almighty...i believe these are all young (maybe a year old) litter mates.

we also have asia, louise and mother theresa...what a group of sweet, sweet and beautiful cats.

we are all so happy to welcome them to saints.

a good rememberence day to everyone, remembering the sacrifices, the pain and the suffering and fear of our troops and their families, now and in the past. men and women who have (had) the courage to risk their lives in service to their countries.... i offer my utmost respect.



Hi Carol, I need two tickets for the pub fundraiser. Would it be ok to come out to Saints with Bobby for a tour, prior the fundraiser? Thanks


i worked at saints for a short time this morning and then joined my grandson, who is in beavers, at heritage park school for the parade. he did not know too much of what was going on but asked his mom if just the soldiers died in the war. he seemed interested for a 5 year old and he thought it was fun to walk in the parade, but did not get what was really going on. and that is okay, it is a start i hope when he gets older he will appreciate what he has and what the soldiers who fought were fighting for. it seems very much taken for granted what we have and today seems like a day when people say yeah we do not have to go to work. i really think people do not know of the horrors that went on during the wars and they are so far removed from them it is not really thought about. hope everyone has a good evening and welcome new cats and kittens.