Rescue Journal

thanking god for small favors is not that helpful......

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2008

when something BIG is about to take you out. so.... my computer was just an unplugged keyboard which we discovered when i went to plug in the new $40 one...i was kind of grateful that i could take the new one back and get my money returned, $40 is $40.

but sadly i guess i was not properly thankful and someone decided i needed a lesson in not being stupid and so forgetful...i am pretty sure i blew my van engine cuz i was driving around with no oil. you don't even want to know the foul words screaming thru my brain tonight.

anyway, i'll get it towed tomorrow, rent a car and wait and see how much trouble i am actually in over this one, probably a lot!

we moved brianne, betsy, bruce, asia and louise into the americats room today. EVERYONE was instant friends......those cats could teach mankind many things about kindness, and caring and welcoming with open arms, new and special friends.

the three grey musketters, true to half grown kitten loving form, have trashed the room and found and played with every single toy, it is a huge but happy mess in there and louise were more dignified and just found comfy beds. ronnie looks happy to have some young friends again.

mother theresa is lonely, she misses the group she was mothering so well....6 weeks will be a long haul for her until we can re-test.

little james learned how to use the litter box tonight...good boy!

the new big dog room fireplace was installed today, THANK YOU DAWN!!!!!...they also fixed the furnace in the shop which crapped out yesterday AND he has offered a screaming deal on a new furnace for the house so OMG we can get rid of all of the heaters around here. hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks we will finally after almost three years of making do, have a working furnace to keep us warm and toasty without portable heaters plugged in to half of the rooms.

four-lane is spoiled rotten...softly warbing/moaning when he is on the wrong side of the gate...he is IN LOVE with cuddles, must be the cool purple sweater cuddles is sporting...he dresses so well. four-lane thinks cuddles is the coolest dude and is trying to get the little white prince to notice or better yet play with him. cuddles has more important things on his mind, like keeping track of me.

anyway i am thankful that everyone is getting warm and happy but i am still pissed over my car.