Rescue Journal

in and out

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2008

awaiting the arrival of an incoming duck rescued from the auction today...apparently she /he is quite weak?sick so i set up a duck isolation area in the medical wants him to be a boy so she can name him floyd.

saints welcomes "ginger" a frightened 16 yr old cat. her owner was driving around with her in the car looking for a place to go, he tried LAPS who gave him our number. baby is allergic so ginger had to find a safe place to land. she is not very happy about landing here.

madeline FINALLY went home today...meghan got tired of nicole forgetting to transport her so today she came with nicole just to make sure maddy did not get left behind again.

i have not gotten a rental car cuz apparently mission has no rental car places. so tomorrow i have to be at the best western hotel in mission at 11 am and AVIS will come and pick me up and take me to abbotsford to get a car. it is better to do it this way then just to catch a ride into abbotsford with a friend cuz then i can leave the car in mission, if and when i ever get my car back again.

shilo the mad siamese is not eating and she is still pooping in her open crate bed in the cage...tonight we will have the "feeding tube" talk and see if that motivates her to want to eat.

i suspect that ginger is going to be just as big a problem cuz they are both sketchy, sensitive cats....these are the hardest cats to help cuz they think all of their problems are my fault, which they most certainly are not.

all of the FF cats are doing great and nicole got some really nice photo's of them and merlin having a love fest.

lets all ban together to bug her to actually post them!