Rescue Journal

of course there is always the possibilty....

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2008

that maybe i don't sleep very well cuz there are too many freaking bed-hogs trying to sleep with me. and that fat little suzie Q is the absolute worst.

i woke briefly after i went back to bed to several large crashes...but i was too tired to check. stripes bowls flew off the top of the fridge, a box was knocked off the counter and a few baskets were knocked off shelves.

if the cats wanted something to do so badly, why couldn't they have tried catching up on that mountain of laundry we created in cleaning out the cat and mp rooms instead?

well...i better call the repair shop and arrange for a tow truck to go find my van (it is parked outside tammy's house cuz that is as far as it would go up the hill) ...looks like a big wet day today and the saints will go marching on thru mud and pond and litter box and then want their lunch despite my current car troubles.