Rescue Journal

i got a nice email

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2008

from a visitor from yesterday. she thanked us for the work we do and mentioned how she noticed that we treat the animals with so much respect....have to be honest here...i just called copper a freaking noisy bastard and told him to shut up...he has been wooddling non stop since his foray into the MP room this afternoon...he wants back in there. to keep him from having access to the yard and bugging the neighbors, i have moved him in with al and strongly suggested he not think about touching any of al's toys. if al eats him, we are down one freaking annoying beagle.



you have to know copper and you would call him not only a freaking noisy bastard, but a freaking noisy theiving bastard. lol he is lucky we all love him and put up with his me me me thinking.


i almost always do treat them with respect but sometimes i don't always speak to them with a great deal of respect (like when they happen to be doorknobs.) but i read somewhere once in a child rearing book (this was when i was trying to learn how to be a good parent) is not WHAT you say so much as HOW you say it. so i really try to infuse loving feelings into "shut up, little noisy bastard!"
copper can hear the difference...oh and al did not eat him last night.


Hopefully the visitor that wrote the nice e-mail has not just read your post about your use of colourful language on Copper. I think we can all speak that same language at times with some animals and they can speak it right back too! I know Jenny Two can.