Rescue Journal

i need a gas mask

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2008

i am cancelling shilo's vet appointment, i was sending her in for a possible feeding tube today...she finally ate her canned food on her own last night...whew, stubborn cat!

i am in love with a duck...floyd is just utterly and completely cool! i am hoping to introduce him to edwina on the weekend...but no duck hanky panky or family planning, we will be religiously stealing any eggs you two produce!

i have to try to find some more of these big, red, soft, cat houses i found at london drugs...i only bought two but the cats really love them so i am on the look out for more.

the little badger chi's are a freaking hoot at bedtime. funny, funny little tiny burrowing, comfort seeking things. it is good to go to sleep chuckling.

chyna has a potential family coming to meet her on the weekend. a huge heartfelt thx to sharpei rescue and terry for their ongoing commitment to her.

jewel still has the worlds most notable farts... in odour and noise level and sheer frequency and volume ...she easily could put a beer slugging redneck to shame every single day. i think she must swallow alot of air when she is yelling and talking and complaining so much.

well...i better get ready for work, someone has to pay for the house for jewel to fart in....peeee-hew!!!!

oh and on saturday morning, i could use a TON of really strong help here...besides the regular cleaning stuff, i'd like to move my bedroom so we can set up the back area as a temporary isolation for the new cats coming in....i have to pick them up by 1 pm on saturday afternoon. so if you are free and don't mind hauling heavy furniture down narrow hallways with a bunch of freaking animals in the ought to be interesting if not exactly fun.