Rescue Journal

i woke up this morning and felt like i was in a hotel...

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2008

i had these beautiful red cedar vaulted ceilings above me and all of this open space around me...yesterday, renee and carrie moved my bedroom. they set it up so it was spacious, homey and you guys!!!!!

there are still a bunch of things that need moving around to get ready and to set up for the full cat conversion to my previous rooms in the back. and even in the best laid plans of mice and men...some things don't exactly turn out the way that you think.

my new room is cat free (i wanted only a small gate between me and the big dog room which means cats could slip out the doggy door.) and of course the advantage to this plan cats in my room? no cats pissing on my bed anymore!

except....eddie discovered that i had moved somewhere when he went looking for me to drool on in the middle of the night. so he searched til he found me (which i bet did not take long since the house is so small.) and i guess if eddie wants someone in the middle of the night....eddie is going to have that someone, whatever it takes.

he climbed over the gate to the entranceway...which he NEVER does....he climbed up my new door and slipped thru the hole in the wire that we use to open the latch (which he never does either!). by midnight eddie was on my chest and drooling again on my face...happy cat had found me.

so i am re-thinking a few minor things but overall i love the bigger and nicer and more spacious bedroom and so do lexi and tyra and 4lane and cuddles and suzie and chica (which are not necessarily the exact ones we planned to have sleeping in there with me.)

change is a process... the process of change continues.