Rescue Journal

the rush.

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2008

so we got the back rooms set up for the new cats...four back there. my old bedroom is now a cat room is quite cute.

i met the applicants for chyna...nice people with a nice dog but blending him and chyna will be a bit challenging cuz they both think they are the boss of all other dogs....hmmmm, we'll see.

so the new cats are as follows:

the 2 FeLV are...miranda, a mid-haired black girl and murray a very shy, sweet silver tabby. we stopped at the vet and confirmed their positive status and miranda has a nasty cold so she got a convenia injection while she was there. they are already moved into the FeLV area and have had their dinner.

the new negatives are....mia, a short haired dilute grumpy calico with crumpled little ears, bitsy, a cute tiny smooched in face short haired tuxedo who apparently hates all other cats, esp. mia, clara, a short haired calico with obvious ringworm, sadie, a sweet 16 yr old medium haired black. mia and sadie and bitsie, came with names...the others we had to pick.

welcome to saints guys...hope you like it here!

so...tonight i have got to finish this move thing...i cannot stand this up in the air, stuff in the way, everything in chaos shit. i need to get the dogs settled where ever it is that they are going to end up and i can't do it til i get all the rooms in better shape.

i am planning on an all nighter, but i might just crap out part way thru. if i can manage it, i will take it easy tomorrow to rest up before i go back to work.

and jack hates este...sooo that screws up putting este into the big dog room.



I spent some time with Mia today and she is quite sweet. Loves pets and rubs and has a great purr, can be alittle shy though. She wasn't grumpy at all. Now Bitsy on the other hand was a little bitchy. Didn't want to be touched, talked to or acknowledged. She hates the sight of the other cats however she has an intimidating growl for a cat her size.