Rescue Journal

i didn't blog last night cuz

Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2008

i was busy goofing around on the message board and tweaking up my new bedroom...i washed my brand-new, never been peed on chocolate brown sheets and put them on my bed and hung my favorite painting of 2 hands clasped together and shaking in...friendship? honor? common purpose? it depends on my day that day i suppose.

star's bleeding belly tumour is a massive mammary tumour...trina said it would take two hands to hold it. the vet feels since her bloodwork and xrays came back well that it is worth the risk of the surgery. the cancer probably has already spread somewhere, but star will feel infinitely more comfortable without that tumour if she is palliative and who knows maybe for once what you see is what you get and that will be the end of it forever.

hope floats til it sinks, i believe star is having her surgery sometime today. that vet has quoted $800-$1000 which is reasonable. and since he knows the dog best right now, i told them to go ahead.

good luck star, i am thinking about you today.

steve painted the wall in my room that maude ate a few months ago (again), he has hung up my curtain rods and curtains (hey! i have curtains!!) and replaced the gross and icky light fixtures and ceiling fan with something pretty and clean. the dogs did not care what their ceiling fixtures looked like but i do...just the closet to finish, the door to paint, the new shelf to be built to hold my personal things (like movies, books and photos of my kids and my parents) and woooohooo...i have a nice bedroom like a normal person has...i am really quite excited about this!



i can't post pics lynne i can do all kinds of animal stuff but no techno crap.
the babes are 6 weeks now...we still need about three- four weeks to get rid of their ringworm tho plus we have to get them fixed.


As much as I would like to have ALL of the kittens and the mum, I am going to try and find forever homes for them. I already have my hands full with 3 cats ( 2 of them ex-Saints!).


can you blog the pic of tiger lily? i am glad that sarah, rusty and tawnie are doing so good. it is so nice when you hear about the past saints and how well they are doing.


i think emma wants one of those kittens, or possibly more. that is great about your new bedroom, it feels nice to have some really nice place to sleep at the end of the day. congrats