Rescue Journal

phoebe is stupid

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2008

not intellectually but "livingly"...she has a highly functioning brain, but that dog is just stupid in making the same mistakes, poor decisions, messing the same things up in the same self detrimental way, reacting in exactly the same unproductive, ill-timed, stupid, stupid ways....over and over and over again. she is so like some messed up human counterparts that it is almost scary (paris hilton???).... she quite frankly is retarded in her ability to grow positively and change.

she sent the TV flying again this one even wants or is the least bit interested in your freaking bed phoebe!!!!!

i told her she was stupid too, several times, quite loudly (this is the only saving grace with living with a stupid dog being vs a stupid human being, you can actually be completely honest with the dogs and they don't take offence at the truth. phoebe thinks there is nothing wrong with being stupid, it's normal for her so whats the big deal?)...she is lucky she didn't bust the thing (or another dog) when it went flying down to the floor. she just sat there like an utter doornob, "what? whatcha mad at me for? it was este's fault not mine, she's the one who looked at me." typical, maybe phoebe was once a human and got sent back as a homeless stupid dog because in her previous life as a human she was even stupider than she is now. now there is an even scarier thought...what if each generation of rescued dogs expotentionally increases cuz so many stupid humans have to some back just to learn basic manners, community cooperation social skills and the ability to think reasonably and proactively...OMG, i would seriously have to shoot myself cuz nuking stupidity is this morning, looking like a viable and reasonable option for certain red whirling and freaking annoyingly stupid wonders.

star got to say hi to everyone as they filed out the door for their morning pee....wagging little tail, happy to meet you, sweet little skinny thing.....unlike phoebe.

you know, in thinking about this...maybe this is how we can learn...imagine the absolutely most annoying dog in the world, (this would actually be phoebe) and become determined NOT to be like that. and then imagine the absolutely BEST dog in the world (gee, how do i pick?) there have been many...oh!! i know...dexter! and strive to be as good, and kind, and happy and brave and balanced as he.

we still all miss you dex....great, great, great learned how to live really well....(not like phoebe.)



there is no with phoebe...there only is and has been, me, day after day after day. i have tons of patience with her which is why she is here, alive and well and not in an urn...but that dog is life stupid and it sometimes makes her a royal pain and a menace to herself and to others too.. if that tv had landed on a chihuahua or one of the cats, it would have killed one of them....phoebe does not need patience for that kind of special stupidity, she needs to use her brain once in awhile....esp. if she is sleeping near the tv or something else equally heavy.


Ouch. That Phoebe comment hurt. She is "special" not stupid and we must have patience when dealing with her.