Rescue Journal

no internet when i got home tonight...

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2008

but i did manage to somehow fix it myself...i pushed every button and pulled out all the plugs for almost an hour (there are very many plug things in and around a computer) and the thing then just decided to work...yay me!

everyone seems good tonight, i need to kick ass on the laundry...the laundry pile is almost taller than me! and it will get even bigger once i pull out the bedding on my bedroom floor which i had to change at 2 am cuz chica decided to sleep AND pee at the very same time. some areas of multi-tasking are not all that great to practice.

lane hung both american and canadian flags in the FeLV area today....except...hmmmm...why is the canadian flag higher up than the american flag? do i detect some national bias?...i should have said to hang them exactly equally...ratz.

i think star is putting on weight...i still haven't weighed her but carrie promised to do it for me tomorrow.

it has been a very long and busy week at work and there are still 2 more very long and busy days to come...7 more working days and i am on vacation and i can't wait...there are a lot of things i want to get to around here still.

and the good news is, thru cooperative effort....YAY! the annual xmas "thank you everyone" letters are all ready to mail out tommorrow, only 4 days late from my original plan (i think there are around 600!) ...and thx to nicole and zoe, and mj and eva they are still going out in good time for the holidays!!!

if we miss someone on our mailing list, drop me a line and i will try to get one out.

ok...mountain of laundry, time to make you a mole hill.