Rescue Journal

travel arrangements for bridgette the parapalegic boxer

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2008

are firming up...ETA is around dec 12th. this is perfect timing as i start my vacation on the 13th and will have lots of time to figure out and develop a plan for bridgette's special needs. in the end i turned down the beautiful bonded bulldogs, they are in foster care and are safe. nicole looked the breed up on the internet, apparently there are only 200 of these dogs in the US. there is a little, old, possibly sick, molly lookalike still at risk in shelter care that i agreed to take if needed instead. and then i said "no more pictures"...i see their faces and i am dead.

i am hoping to finish the dog moves on this weekend...but i am a little bit unsure, it all depends on bridgette and where i decide to put her and that i won't know til i meet her. sometimes fitting all the puzzle peices together properly is a bit of a challenge. until you hold them, see them, look at them from every is hard to know where their perfect fit is (or if they even have a perfect fit or just one that will have to make do.)

if all dogs were like peter, dexter, or little jack...i could rescue a hundred. but since we have phoebe's, copper's, and sometimes clyde's, much, much fewer is always far, far better.

the babies are big enough now, carrie has started their ringworm treatments. mom looks like she is hoping to have them taken away from her soon, it sucks to be stuck in a cage with 5 busy 6 week old play fiends. hopefully their new pen will be ready once their fungus infection is under control.

i wonder if that puppy/kitten mill spca seizure on the news here in mission is the same place i bought will and grace off of the side of the road. i am going to look close at the house when i drive by to see if it matches the house on the news. i work with the nurse who adopted those kittens...they are little happy buggers and she always has tons of funny stories to tell...even tho my buying them was totally and completely wrong, i would do it again for them in a heart beat. weird eh? why are my morals so fluid?

ok, thats too deep to think on this morning and i had better get my butt ready for work.