Rescue Journal

today was ok...not great but mostly ok.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2008

i did get the cleaning, feeding ad nauseum done with help today, and i did get to the antique shop with my daughter. i did not get the closet done. chyna did spend time with her potential family and the other home went elsewhere because i wanted to go slower than just sending home a dog today. it was a good home, but murphy is highly special needs and needed more thought and planning than a quicky adoption and off you go buddy, fingers crossed for a more permanent outcome this time.

half pint is here...a healthier version of sweet pea...very cute!

i did not get the feed run done tho and that sucks.

pete is not feeling well today...we're watching but not sure why he is not his normal in your face pushy self.

the shower install is going well but the shop bathroom is now totally out of order so don't anyone use the sink or the toilet cuz they are not hooked up right now.
i am bagged....not sure why, cuz i have worked much harder on other days...i think it is cuz work is so totally and suckingly busy that i am bagged before i even start my days off...five more working days and then 2 weeks freaking HOLIDAYS!


cheryl and stef

ah pete our favorite big goat. i know some days our goats have off days. our little ones get bloated and are off feed and looking really sorry for themselves. i little bit of anti gas and they are back to burping away. hopefully it is something that simple for him.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Sorry I did not make it today as I ended up taking Leah to ER. re: womens stuff. Then I had the boys and still do and all that goes with it. Will stop in tomorrow to do the rest of the recycle as they are now open on Sundays too. Glad to hear half pint is cool. So sorry for our Murphy. He is such a nice dog. You are so right to be cautious as he has had enough. See you tomorrow. Eva