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Nicole  ·  Dec. 7, 2008

star's 2lb mammary tumour:


Crazy rescue lady rant starting now (minus all the cursing):

Star's tumour was a gift from her former 'owners'who thought that breeding the crap out of Star was a brillant and well-thought out idea. Originally the gift was wrapped all pretty-like in fur. Her gift continued to grow and grow and started to hang from her belly. It eventually got infected and while Star wished to return the lovely gift to her former owners, unfortunately instead both her and her tumour were kicked to the curb.

Star's gross ulcerated tumour is a great big reason of why owners need to spay and neuter their animals. Spaying before 6 months of age (or the first heat cycle) reduces the risk of mammary cancer to 0.5% of the risk in intact females. It is preventable. Meaning Star didn't need this crap to happen to her. She didn't need to have a giant ulcerated tumour hanging off of her emaciated body.

The other gift that Star's former owners gave her was the lead role in the production of Boxer puppies. yes, this lovely little girl was used to continously spew out adorable little puppies for ignorant new owners.

Star is yet another reason not to buy pets from pet stores or from backyard 'breeders'. Yes your puppy might be cute and adorable, but what about that puppy's poor mother who is still stuck back in her crapshack making more babies for you and your friends.

And to those selfish uneducated fools who think it's okay to irresponsibly breed animals. I don't care what excuse you have for your reasons for breeding - you don't know what you're doing and your only true reason to breed is because you are selfish and lazy and this is the easiest way to make money.

Take your sorry selves, get an education and then go get a real job that doesn't include making money of the innocent backs of these animals.


Supply and demand go together like puppymills and petstores. The longer people think it's okay to purchase animals from petstores and backyard breeders, the longer dogs like Star have to live through crap like that.



I am horrified at this story ...

I am so very thankful to the people who run SAINTS and make all the difference for these blessed animals.

Eva Stock

Lynne you are one of the most dedicated animal care givers and interested people in animal welfare and I am glad you come to Saints and help so many animals.
Thank God for Carol and all the other people that take care of so many and so well. Seeing that beautiful Star in that condition makes me cry. Thank God she is at home now Carol. Eva


it is amazing the things that go on that people do not know about or just do not care about or understand. to ignore it or pretend it does not exist does not make it go away. the abuse of innocent animals is untolerable. i have met star and she is a beautiful little girl who got a really crappy life for no reason except being with people who could not have cared less about her and were greedy people who only cared about the money they made off her. more people need to see these pics to understand what really goes on. it sucks that most people are so involved in their own lives that they cannot or do not want to see what is going on. as a letter carrier i get told by my coworkers that it is none of my business to worry about the dogs on my walk but i tell them that if i do not care who will. i get laughed at and made fun of but i really do not give a dam as i have rescued a lot of dogs. i can not sit by and watch aminals being abused. i really think people are in their own worlds and qulite often if it does not affect them then it does not matter. anyways i just try to do what i can.


your my idol :)
good job, more people do need to be educated about this.

Chris T

I am so glad Star is at SAINTS. It is so hard to know how some of these animals have suffered before coming to SAINTS.


Nicole or Carol,

If you ever want more pictures of horrifying mammary tumours for your archives, let me know. I found a lovely terrier X dachshund last year that we did surgery on...and when I found her running loose, she was wearing a baby sleeper to hide her tumour that was dragging on the ground. She lived out her life at my friend's house. RIP sweet Ginger....and welcome to Star.


Thanks for that printable version Nicole.

And, excellent truth telling. ( I see no ranting )


i'm supposed to be studying for my animal behaviour exam tomorrow, but instead i being distracted.
carol, or anyone else who feels like educating, here is a link to a printable version of the above rant:


The converted are more likely to be brave enough to say something to people who trade in canine (and all species) misery if they are spurred on by in-your-face reality. Breeders need to be confronted, they need to be held accountable, they need to be humiliated for their use and abuse of animals for profit.

For every dog like Star, lucky enough to land at SAINTS, there are hundreds, thousands, millions who suffer daily.

People need to see this, and not some x-rated version, either, it's ugly, this is reality. Good on you, Nicole.


.... i am thinking of printing this off and posting it at work because some of my co-workers when they want a cute puppy or kitten poo-poo my words of caution when shopping for the "perfect" pet. they don't honestly believe what i tell them is true, they think this just happens "somewhere else"


You are preaching to the converted. We seriously need to put these pictures and rant(I think I would prefer the x-rated version) on the local news and in the local papers. People are so clueless and need this slapped in their face to wake them up!!
Star is a beautiful girl, and thankfully she landed at Saints where she will get all the care & love she deserves!


Sing it Nicole!

I know there will come a time when this cruelty will be stopped. Documentation like this is what is needed. Those photos are compelling evidence.

Carol AND a thousand words to get your point across.
well done nicole with the wide open throat!!!!


Thank God she is now safe at SAINTS - someone get her some Timbits and Macdonalds please.