Rescue Journal

more food for thought...

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2008

i eat out...alot. it is a pain to eat here...a.) i hate cooking b.) the fruitloops piss on my stove and c.) i have up to 60 hopeful canine eyes staring at me non stop whenever i have food.

so in order to eat a meal here...a.) it has to come from a clean, sealed box from inside my freezer b.) is has to be microwavable cuz the fuitloops can't pee up that high and c.) i have to be able to eat it while pacing around with my back to the dogs.... a fork i can manage but don't add a knife...this limits the possibilities.

god forbid i ever try to sit down to eat...that is just inviting a mass of dogs to reach out and take my food away from me...i probably wouldn't even survive the encounter....bloody greedy little first, think about the one you loved and just lost...later.

now lately i have mostly been too tired to actually go out to eat...macaroni and cheese in the microwave or fast food while out running errands is becoming a habit with me.

i had a plan once to make sandwiches here, cuz i can walk and pace and eat easily, except...i have cat boxes on my counter so i know where those kitty feet have recently been..therefore no sandwich making in my kitchen.
and why do i have cat boxes on my counter you ask? because i have cats here whose feet NEVER touch the floor. endora at seventeen can live on the counter if she wants too even if it means i can't make a sandwich anymore.

and here is the way that i do rescue...they get every freaking thing that they possibly want or need here (including a cat box on my counters) and i eat out alot when i am not too tired so i can sit down and actually eat everything i want to eat without worry and without 60 ever hopeful imploring eyes, staring right at me.

it is fair.

mo has a funny story about edith and ellie caught in a hail storm.

and nicole has some disturbing pictures i asked her to post because a picture is worth a thousand words and she has not posted them yet...hint, hint.