Rescue Journal little brain is whirling away....

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2008

so many sad and betrayed creatures out there. how many can we reasonably save? someone posted these gawd awful photo's of barrels of dead animals nuked in american high kill shelters. the website of ace of hearts where bridgette and kai are coming from, quotes 475 nuked companion animals a day from LA county....this photo really bothered me.

i think i want to commit to bringing up 4 senior animals a year (cats and dogs without species bias) this shouldn't impact our ability to continue with our much more extensive canadian work but i feel we just have to help someone down there too. i will talk to ace of hearts and see what we can arrange.

while bridgette is a sweet heart...kai is not. he has been pulled from the shelter on his euth day and taken to the vet. so far they have discovered a few little things...testicles, anemia, a raging bladder infection, a bladder full of stones. whatever, we will fix him up once he gets here. kai is not a nice little camper, he is sounding like quite the pill...whatever again, for sure he needs us if he is socially a turd....this IS the house at pooh corner.

AND...i got an email which upset elderly past police force horse who has spent the last years since his retirement teaching children and adults how to ride. he hasn't been cared for, he has hunger related food issues, he is skinny and looks his ancient age and the last folks to look at him said no thx cuz he reminded them of how their old horse looked before it died.

so here is a life long service animal nearing the end of his road, abandoned in non existent gratitude for serving us all so well....this just pisses me right off.

and my little brain is whirling tonight...can we squeeze in another with a few slight alterations to our almost completed loafing shed? my gut says we can, maybe, so i am thinking on this.

mo, lane, steve and randy...don't permanently maim or hurt me over this.



That is so sad. I hope you take the horse. Maybe the RCMP or one of the police forces will help. Just a reminder that Trev is coming on the 16th for a night! If it's still ok with you? He likes to sleep in the big bed and cuddle before going to sleep. Also, for anyone at Saints that doesn't know Trev, he has food allergies so just his hypo food and snacks please!!! I will be out on the 17th to pick him up and drop off stuff ( big stuff). Will you or anyone be around after 4PM? I will need help unloading. Thanks,Heidi.


circle F is always full and i am told they are just taking horses now that can be re-homed....they have very few and far between sanctuary spaces.

Linda Griffin

If you are too full for the old police horse, maybe Circle F rescue can take him? If my health was better I would, but I just can't take care of them anymore - and its too long shipping to Prince George for a stressed starved senior. I think the P G equine rescue is full too..... so many sad, abandoned guys.... and will only get worse with the current economy - I don't get how a pet, part of your family, can be considered expendable - all that does is teach another generation that animals have no value. Linda


deep voice, low background drum...
....da-dum,da-dum...da-dum,da-dum...if you build it (so it can be metamorph'd), they will come....da-dum, da-dum...da-dum,dum.

i ain't touching the shavings already has a bet on that and i don't want her to win (yet)

hey steve...i have a logo for you...

"built to withstand possibility....."


OMG Carol what are you up too????...Do I have to build another barn for you???...or you just gonna canibalize my stuff just as its about to be completed....Sad story about a police horse....but ya can't resuce them all..Unless ??? No I must be gettin soft