Rescue Journal

it was a brutally cold, cold day.

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2008

last night i hardly slept because that freaking blasting freezing wind was making spot cold. steve and randy got the back of the barn fully closed in so when she does decide she wants get in out of the wind, she actually can. we stuffed all the areas full of fresh straw to give them all warm beds. tunie was a bit choked but once she cuddled in with her blanket, she was warm again. the outside water troughs now have heaters inside them thx to lane and steve so no more thick ice crusted walls between them and their water. the barn has power again and steve is hooking up emergency lights. sooooo...if and when the water lines unfreeze we are all set for winter. lips are chapped, my thighs are still frozen and my ears are burning as they unthaw. the ground is frozen solid and this is bad for spritely's leg and spot's arthritis and gideons and sparkles old bones. the ice is forming where water got spilled and the salt has come out in bucketfuls...i am so freaked about one of them (or me) falling and breaking a leg...i am ordering in a pallet of salt so we don't run out.

kai is definitely connecting more today but he remains very distrustful and over reactive. but at least i think the antibiotics and pain meds are working so that is a very good sign.

bridgette is a goof...funny, funny girl. she is waaayyyy too interested in the cats so it is almost a good thing that she can't get around very well.

the icky doorless room is on hold while steve and randy close in the sides of the new loafing shed...i want lots of areas for the barn guys to go to escape the ravages of our winter weather....i am starting to think i might be a slight freak with how much i am worrying about them all....but oh well, a worrying freak is better than someone who doesn't care.

webster (aka broken tail) is an amazing cat...he is just into EVERYTHING and EVERYONE...what a great, great guy.

new cat at the's friend trapped her at work. she is about 10 months old and a bit skittish but not feral. she will stay until she can be tested, tattoo'd, vaccinated and spayed on thursday and then she will come home to saints and hopefully we will find her a very great home really soon.

chyna is doing well on her sleepover, the family has asked to extend her visit by a couple of more days...this is a good sign. apparently she has been chasing her tail so i know she is having fun cuz she always chases her tail when she is in a good mood.

i brought este back in to the main area last night...i got tired of feeling sorry for her. she was really good and on her best behavior til today when she jumped both buddy and jewel. she is back in the dog room, she is not happy about this. jack makes her nervous cuz she knows he won't put up with any of her shit so she is back to looking sad.

i think that is all the news.



Just be careful with the salt in the dog burns their paws n they get sick licking it off.......we will have to get you tiger torch to burn n dry the ice in the dog areas n walk ways.......I can see it now....Carol with a flamethrower....:shock::shock: