Rescue Journal

xmas count not to be at saints.

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2008

both of the pigs are in their new rooms tonight...both pigs are pissed right off. lahanie's stall is ready for his arrival tomorrow at noon...i hope he is a good boy and will try to fit in.

mother theresa went in for her repeat testing and an xray today...bad news, not only did she test finally positive to FeLV but she also has fluid surrounding her heart, lungs, and in her abdomen...most likely an early cancer as the result of her FIV...mama T is now palliative. i put her in with her friends so at least that is good, that group was highly bonded so i think she will like spending her time left with them.

the kittens and serena have been moved into the new kitten pen, they are having an absolute blast with all that room in there. i don't think they are contagious any more so if folks would spend some extra time in better socializing them, that would be good.

it is freaking cold out there, almost everyone is sporting nice new and warm coats but pads of feet are getting snow and salt on them so suzie and squirt each have a sore foot.

i unloaded most of the food pallets today and re-stacked them so we can find what we need...the order was totally screwed up, no hen scratch and no dairy feed...grhhh. packing around hundreds of pounds of food sucks for my back...i am too old for this shit and that also really sucks.

renee has named our new cat...her name is now "renee junior" the vet clinic called her "go girl" cuz they fed her "go" food. so i think her real name should be...."renee junior, you go girl" ...she is a lovely grey tabby, 10 month old, healthy, sweet... she is looking for a really great home....(and maybe a shorter name.)

bridgette has murphy laying on one side and star laying on the other...can't say she looks lonely...i found her some great socks today but i lost them in my car...will have to wait til morning when i can see what i am looking for.

how many days til xmas? i still have not bought a gawd darn freaking thing...maybe on monday i can slip away to the mall for a couple of hours (shudder) but just handing my kids cash with no effort to shop is too tacky for even me...maybe the girls will go with me to help me get it right.... a mother/daughter shopping trip to the mall might sort of be kind of fun, maybe?



Its sad to hear about T, she really is a great cat so sweet and gentle. I hope she finds peace and happiness now that she is reunited with her buddies.