Rescue Journal

i am still sitting here...

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2008

procrastinating about laundry...thought maybe instead i would do some updates on the guys i don't mention that much anymore.

this lack of recognition only extends to the blog...mostly it is because they are so well settled and stable here that they are not pissing me off or worrying me at this particular moment.

for the newish ones

jack is good, still a nice boy..he likes the snow (for awhile) and then he goes back to the couch.

fourlane...he has adjusted well. he loves me and sleeps in my room. his arthritis in his front foot is really bugging him in this cold weather. not quite so much the serious guy anymore...he gets goofy and likes to chew on my hands. half pint is an utter doll.
shilo, webster and conan are content, they like the new cat room and spend alot of time in there.

all of the FF feline cats are pretty good...bruce has a cold and bitsy isn't a bitch anymore and even clara is settling down.

the americats are hanging in there...ronnie has a cold, tikki and mosley are holding onto their weight. they liked the new arrivals that came, it spiced things up for them again.

and some of the long termers...

boo is really quite far as i know she is not swatting right now. toby is getting close to the end but is still eating and drinking well. stripe still lives in the cupboard and harrison and endora on the counter and tigger woods on the washer machine and eddie on the laundry room counter. the fruit loops are obviously still pissing everywhere, monty is getting quite fat, dixie is still an utter freak but she is really happy with the new cat room and so is james bond too.
tyra is great, lexi is sore, cleo is happy in the mp room or following me around on the farm, and maude is not so confused anymore so that is a very good thing.

copper is fat, cole is getting really old but for some reason in the past couple of days wants to play with al, and andy and nina both picked up a patch of ringworm from the food bowls...oops, now bleaching food bowls...soap and water not enough.

princess leia the warrier bunny hasn't tried to take down a human in quite awhile, all of the other rabbits are doing quite well except spiffy has a mild chronic case of snuffles.

the chickens and ducks are all doing great and floyd no longer is unsure of who he is. and frodo is frodo, he rules the roost with an iron fist so we all bend over backwards to give him whatever he happens to need.

edith is still trying to take out dogs and spot is just starting to let me touch her face (hah nicole, she even let me clean out one slightly goopy eye.) and pokey pete is a pain in the ass cuz all he wants to do is play bashing you, now you bash me. buddy and sissy are still and forever baking by the fire til it is dark, then they sneak over for a cuddle if phoebe is sleeping cuz she gets really jealous of cuddling chi's.

ok...i am done, now it really is laundry time.



A quick update on Maddie...She's now completely healed from her spay and none the worse for wear. She has claimed a cozy spot by the coat rack as her own, where she can nest in her blankets to her heart's content. She finds the ferrets quite interesting and even lets them climb all over her. So far, she's very sure of two things in life - (1) when it's time to eat and (2) there's no point in making her go to the bathroom outside when the snow's too deep. :)

Here are some cute pics and a video (crossing my fingers that these links work!):